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What’s the Insurance of the Pro-Admin Tandem with Smartmatic-Hybrid System?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Valentino Facts

The Marcos Political Platform

Marcos-Mayor Sara Tandem is the People’s Insurance

Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio’s closeness with the Marcoses can bring out the best of the Marcos-Duterte tandem once again. This can still happen now if Bongbong Marcos wins his protest in the 2016 elections. However, the limited time left can deem it useless. Also, the Smartmatic’s presence together with the Hybrid system is another challenge. So, the insurance that can make this tandem win is the landslide votes of the people. This pro-admin alliance is so hot early in the poll that mainstream media just cannot ignore it.

Regional Preferences

Per location, Marcos with 20% leads in Metro Manila. The 2019 elections had seven million registered voters for this location. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno follows Marcos. But he is only in his first term as local chief executive of the Philippine capital at 18%. Duterte trails with 16%. while Poe and Pacquiao both have 12%.

Mayor Sara’s Dominance

The president’s daughter yields 29% in the Visayas, Poe with 15%, Marcos and Pacquiao with 13% each, and Moreno with 9%. Mindanao had 58% for Duterte in the region she hails from. Pacquiao with 9%, Poe 8%, Marcos 7% and Moreno with a dismal 2%. Robredo is only in the 6th place and third in Luzon with 13%, in Metro Manila with 7%, Visayas 6% and Mindanao 2%.

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The President Advises the PSG as a Lawyer for Vaccination


By: Elena Grace Flores

Duterte warns Congress: ‘Do not tinker with PSG’ over vaccination issue

President Duterte’s Advice to PSG as a Lawyer

The Congress gets a blow from President Rodrigo Duterte. This is over the Covid-19 vaccination of the PSG members without his knowledge. He said that they have the right to do it for self-preservation. As a lawyer, he advises them not to say a word in the hearing. That’s to envoke self-incrimination.

Self-Defense in Criminal Law

The President explains that such advice is just like self-defense in criminal law. He would also not allow congress to cite them in contempt. The act is to protect the Filipino leader. In return, Duterte vows to show up in the hearing to get them if the lawmakers play hard on them. He knows that this is lawful as a lawyer.

Not Healthy for Evrybody

The scrutiny of the PSG’s noble act is not healthy for everybody, the President added. They want to protect themselves and the President. Let them do that, he stressed. The criticisms are just political in nature. There are many challenges as to who would take the vaccines first. Now that it’s done by the PSG, why get jealous? Take it from the lawyer if you have a problem with the president.

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The Same Credit to BBM if it’s Mayor Sara-Marcos in 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara Does Not Want Her Name in the Presidentiables

Mayor Sara-Marcos Tandem

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is the hottest presidentiable in the recent Pulse Asia survey. Bongbong Marcos is open to any possibility. May it be Sara-BBM or vice versa. He gets the same credit either way. A president can step down in favor of the VP, Marcos added. For now, both camps are braising the pandemic. However, the 2022 election is just around the corner. The registration of candidates is in October this year.

Marcos’ Protest Against Robredo

Marcos does not expect much anymore from the electoral protest. The remaining time just can’t allow for any process to turn in his favor. Either the protest becomes mute and academic or he abandons it. One thing is for sure, he’s running for VP or President. There might be a repeat plan with President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 who wants to step down if only Marcos wins. Perhaps in 2022, his daughter will.

Campaign Period Starts Soon

Mayor Sara is right that the priority of Filipinos is on how to survive the Covid-19 crisis. However, in the back of the people’s minds is the election 2022. This is the only hope for the economy to rise. Both President Duterte and his daughter never dreamed of becoming president. But they are popular because of their distinctive traits. A sure way for Marcos’ return may he win as President or Vice President. So, the important thing is to keep the alliance going.

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Enrile is a Lawyer and Politician Who Straightens Things Out with Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos


In the Eyes of a Lawyer and Politician

Martial Law was declared because there was anarchy in the country. Not an act of a dictator. Lawyer and former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile stand the test of time to straighten things out with the Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ son. The number of prisoners at that time cannot be all political or anti-democracy in nature. Enrile said that it is more believable if they include trespassers and jaywalkers. There were more killings in the Mendiola massacre during Cory Aquino’s time than in the so-called Martial Law atrocities.


Oligarchy was already a problem even before the Marcos regime. They want to control everything especially the basic utilities, communication, and media. President Marcos continued to balance their influence on the welfare of the people. However, their influence remains until now. They are in big businesses, the senate, congress, and even inside the government.

Liberal Party and the Communists

Ninoy Aquino’s outburst made the Philippines lose Sabah. There was already a coalition between the Liberal Party and the communists. Aquino himself divulged this information to Enrile. As the Minister of Defense at that time, Enrile must lead to avoid the emergence of an alternative government by the rebels. Another threat was the formation of a Junta by the the heads of the military groups. Enrile can be executed. Regardless of the pressure, the order of President Marcos remained not to shoot to disperse crowds. Thus, making EDSA revolution a bloodless one.

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Rolly Rehabilitation Shows Mayor Sara-Senator Marcos’ Closeness


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara and Senator Marcos visited typhoon Rolly’s disaster areas.

Rehabilitation Efforts by Mayor Sara and Senator Marcos

Typhoon Rolly’s rehabilitation efforts of Mayor Sara and Senator Imee Marcos are not anymore surprising. These two public servants often make public appearances since the 2016 election campaign. This should give a strong hint to the opposition as to who’s running for the executive office’s top positions in 2022. Inday Sara already rejects the idea of her running for the presidency. Despite topping the recent Pulse Asia survey. Then, she jokes about doing it for the VP post. So, with Senator Marcos as a constant companion, Bongbong Marcos is just around the corner.

The Duterte Popularity

The President’s approval rating remains at 91%. If the election is done today, the presidential daughter could replace him easily. Analysts say that popularity is not transferable. It’s the character that could make a candidate hot enough to win. From the start, Senator Marcos and Inday Sara are already buddies. This does not happen as a coincidence but a mere strategy for the alliance.

Bongbong Marcos is Definitely Running

The recent survey also shows that Bongbong Marcos is not far behind Mayor Sara. His persona displays an aura that is ready to be a leader at any time. Therefore, it’s more likely that the Duterte-Marcos tandem is in the loop. The namesake of Ferdinand Marcos can certainly make use of his life experience for the country’s rehabilitation.

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Atty. Gadon’s Different Treatment to Robredo’s Face Mask Criticism


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Gadon. It’s Robredo who is a bad model.

Face Mask Treatment Debate

Atty. Larry Gadon has a different kind of treatment to the presumptive VP Leni Robredo’s comment. He answers her criticism on his unconventional use of a face mask. Robredo said that Gadon is not a good model. It’s because he wears it in an open area by attaching it to the face shield. Gadon challenges her with a debate. Saying that studies show that the face mask can’t help much in an open field. However, it must be used in crowded or secluded areas.

Model of Fraud

He continues to retaliate to Robredo by calling her the model of fraud. She is a very good cheater, he said. If she wants to be a good model, she should not have submitted to the Liberal Party’s cheating Smartmatic way. Since she cheats on Bongbong Marcos during the 2016 election, she becomes the queen of all cheaters and the Liberal Party’s political prostitute.

Destroying the President

As the VP, talking against all the policies of the president just shows what’s important to Robredo. If she really is a good public servant, she would adhere to the efforts of the people’s president. Not going around in every opportunity there is just to destroy the Filipino leader and the country. She’s really LP’s puppy, stressed Gadon.

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Pulse Asia Survey Heats Up the Marcos-Duterte Tandem in 2022 Election

2022 election

By: Elena Grace Flores

President Duterte Asks o take his name out of surveys

Two Mayors for 2022 Election

Mayor Sara Duterte-Capio leads the early Pulse Asia survey for presidents in the 2022 election. Bongbong Marcos, Grace Poe, Manny Pacquiao, and another mayor, Isko Moreno is next. The President’s daughter also asks not to include his name in the surveys. Speculations say that his daughter has a high rating because of his popularity. However, Mayor Sara already said that she’s not running for president. But maybe Vice President. So, this makes the Marcos-Duterte tandem alive again.

Popularity is Not Transferrable

A Political analyst said that Mayor Sara gets the highest rate, not because of her father’s popularity. President Rodrigo Duterte may have a 91% approval rate. Not all voters of the President will vote for his daughter. He cannot just endorse Mayor Sara. Because his popularity is not transferrable. But what if Marcos runs for president along with Inday Sara for Vice President?

Where’s the Dilawan?

The sitting Vice President Leni Robredo is in the 6th place only for possible presidential candidates. It’s because the administration perceives the Dilawan as the enemy. Robredo is the symbol of the Dilawan. So, if there’s another Marcos-Robredo face off in 2022, where would Robredo be?

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Ramon Ang Gives Duterte Right of Way Credit


By: Elena Grace Flores

San Miguel CEO, Ramon Ang hails President Rodrigo Duterte on his infrastructure projects

Ang Gives Credit to Where it’s Due

San Miguel CEO, Ramon Ang gives credit to President Rodrigo Duterte on his right of way projects. As part of the Build Build Build blueprint of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, this outlay would decongest EDSA by February estimated Ang. It is because of Duterte’s strong governance, added Ang. Now, see the politicians at work who are public servants. This may enlighten the voting public.

DPWH Secretary Mark Villar

The current DPWH secretary is Mark Villar. He assumes office on August 1, 2016. The Secretary of Public Works and Highways is very industrious. He is a good hand of the President for these projects. His family is into construction. So, detractors can look into a possible conflict of interest. But, there’s actually no proof of corruption in this area so far. Senator Imee Marcos merely suggests diverting some funds to pandemic remedies from idle projects. So, the works continue without hiccups. Keeping some much-needed jobs.

DOT Secretary Arthur Tugade

Secretary Arthur Tugade is a Filipino businessman. He is also a lawyer from Cagayan. Now the current Secretary of the Department of Transportation. The right of way project in EDSA shows the brilliance of Tugade, said, Ang. The materials can prevent accidents. Plans are well-thought of. Duterte does not follow only the blueprint of Marcos. But also in selecting reliable experts in the field. This is something that the public cannot hear in the mainstream media. So, people must balance sources of information.

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Senator Manny Pacquiao: The Country’s Loans Alarming but Have Solutions


By: Elena Grace Flores

Marcos’ Family Holiday Greetings with Technology

9.6 Trillion Loans

Senator Manny Pacquiao said that the country’s 9.6 trillion loans are alarming. However, there are solutions despite the increase due to Covid-19 remedies. People must have unity and solidarity to help each other, especially during the pandemic. Government officials must lead and serve people without corruption. This is his dream, he added.

84,000 per Filipino

Each Filipino including those who are just born immediately inherit 85,000 Pesos of loan. This may sound ridiculous. But if the loans rebuild or stimulate the economy, they are worth it. As long as the society remains alive and active, finances can only get better. Even bigger countries like China have bigger loans. Besides, the Philippines is rich in natural resources. It’s people are sought-after for work overseas. A little compassion can come a long way.

Unity and Solidarity Needed

However, unity and solidarity are essential in the country’s progress. Instead of political fights, a common ground must be on hand. To vote for public servants instead of business tycons in the coming election should be in mind.

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Marcos Family’s Way of Supporting a Degree with Technology


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Marcos’ Family Holiday Greetings with Technology

Overseas Degree for the Young Marcoses

Bongbong Marcos is a victim of criticism when he said that he has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree. In actuality, he gets a Special Diploma in Social Studies. He’s merely talking about its equivalence, he explained. However, this did not go away easily. However, his son Sandro gets even a higher level of education. He accomplishes a master’s degree in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Passion in the Degree While Adapting to Technology

It is a common discussion in Filipino household now on what degrees to take that are promising for the digital age. Distance or online learning is already the norm. Therefore, students can freely explore their passion. They can be as resourceful, creative, and flexible as they wish when choosing a career that they are passionate about. The most important thing is to be skillful with digital automation. That’s the key to future progress. The Marcos family shows this as the youngest son Vince joins the get-together online. He’s still in East London for his studies.

The Good Thing about the Pandemic

The pandemic is bound to happen. Just like the others before the present one. This situation requires people to change for the better. Individuals who can adapt to the changing world can easily have a good life. Success in professions, ease with family, and purpose in society are at arm’s length. The Marcos family is definitely a good example.