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This is What Senator Tito Sotto Tells Detractors of the President & Mayor Vico


By: Elena Grace Flores
City hall employees who are stage a boycott against Pasig mayor-elect Vico Sotto should resign from their post. His uncle Senate President Vicente Sotto III said. The Senator also warns of “karma” as he questions why some people are “obsessed in wanting” President Rodrigo Du30 sick. In theory after the big failure of the LP bets during the May 13, 2019 elections, they can only hope for such occurrence for the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo to take over.

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[VIDEO]: ‘Resign,’ Tito Sotto tells employees ‘boycotting’ nephew Vico |

Indifferent to the Successor

Some city hall employees allegedly wear black shirts during the proclamation of the younger Sotto as mayor. They also stop the distribution of financial assistance to the poor recently. I don’t know why they are being like that. They should just resign together on June 30 instead of protesting the vote of their compatriots in Pasig, he suggested.

End of the 27-Year Reign

Mayor Sotto, who ends the Eusebios’ 27-year grip on Pasig said that he will prioritize healthcare and social services over infrastructure spending. His cousin Gian, son of the Senate President and actress Helen Gamboa, also wins as the vice mayor-elect in Quezon City. The Senate President’s nephew Wahoo, meanwhile, is the top 2 councilor of the second district of Parañaque.

Not a Political Dynasty

Senator Sotto said his family cannot be a political dynasty. A dynasty is confined to one place. For example, the governor is a relative of the mayor, vice governor, vice mayor. After their term, they will be replaced by a relative. You can say that’s a dynasty, he explained.

Stop the Rumor

Meanwhile, Sotto issues the statement after speculations surface that the President is at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City. Malacañang dismisses this as “not true.” Du30 is out of the public eye for five days after he cast his vote in Davao City on May 13. Those who hope to get rid of him can only wish for his bad health because he is difficult to outsmart.

Wishing Ill to Others

The anti-administration supporters often speak of divine providence to get rid of the President in favor of the Liberal Party where the unofficial VP belongs to. Nonetheless, speaking ill of others can’t call on the divine providence but mis-treatments do.

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Senator Imee Marcos Turns Over Gubernatorial Tasks to Son, Gov. Matthew Manotoc


By: Elena Grace Flores
Mother and son, Senator Imee Marcos and Gov. Matthew Manotoc wear different hats this new term. Marcos made sure that she not only mentors her son ahead of time. She also turns over the gubernatorial tasks to him as the sure winner of the position. His proclamation took place last May 14, 2019 at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Session Hall. The Commission on Election (COMELEC) through the provincial board of canvassers facilitated it.

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[VIDEO]: Happy birthday, Vinny! | Bongbong Marcos

Manotoc’s Priorities

Manotoc lays out some of the priorities of his incoming administration. Healthcare is one of the crucial things he can see. Many of our hospitals and medical services aren’t where they should be. That’s one of my priorities coming into my term, especially our public hospitals – equipping them and finding ways that they are self-sufficient. So, they don’t need to lean to the Provincial Government much,” he said.

Rural Electrification and Irrigation

“There are also other issues like rural electrification and irrigation which we would like to pinpoint, and the continuation of the basic services of the province. I think I am fortunate that Ilocos Norte more or less is a good place. It’s on me to continue the wave of development and hopefully further improve where my mother has left of,” he added.

Big Win for the Marcoses

Dominating the midterm elections for provincial officials, Team Marcos won key posts in the province. Joining Governor-elect Manotoc is Vice Governor-elect Cecilia Araneta-Marcos who also saw a landslide win and incumbent Ilocos Norte Vice Gov. Eugenio Angelo Marcos Barba who was elected as representative of the 2nd District of Ilocos Norte with 87,725 votes.

Unopposed as Governor

The youngest son of the outgoing Governor Imee R. Marcos, Governor-elect Manotoc, was left unopposed. This is after his rival, Ilocos Norte First District Representative Rudy Fariñas, withdrew from his candidacy on May 2. He obtained 260,938 votes.

Formal Inauguration of the New Senator and Governor

The newly-elected national and local government officials will officially take office after their formal inauguration on the 30th of June. Nowadays, leadership is a little more collaborative. I’ll be a little more collaborative with my staff, try to listen to everyone, and work with people.” He also commends his mother saying that the Senator is a very strong leader.

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Election Pulse: An Aquino Dangles in the Senatorial Race while the Marcoses Garner Victories


By: Elena Grace Flores
Bam Aquino can only urge his supporters to pray for him and the country for a miracle as he dangles in the 2019 election senatorial race. Meanwhile, Imee Marcos secures her spot in the middle of the magic 12 list. Her clan also leads key races in Ilocos Norte. Imee’s son Matthew Marcos Manotoc wins as governor after Cong. Rudy Fariñas backs out at the last minute. In the 2nd district, Marcos kin Eugenio Barba tops the congressional race. Michael Marcos Keon, also defeats re-electionist Chevylle Fariñas in the Laoag City mayoral race. No wonder, the Birthday video of Bongbong Marcos’ youngest son, Vincent looks like a victory party of the Marcos clan.

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Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Happy birthday, Vinny! | Bongbong Marcos

Bam Aquino Hopes for a Miracle

pposition reelectionist Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV on Friday, May 17, took to Facebook to address his supporters amid the canvassing of votes that shows him just outside the winning circle. “I wanted to make my first public statement after the counting finished, but since so many friends are asking how I am, I just want to tell everyone out there that I’m OK,” Aquino said in a post on his Facebook page with a photo of him with wife Timi.

The People has the Say

Then president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III who swears to block the return of the Marcoses is Bam Aquino’s cousin. The time has come that the people becomes tired of the black media propaganda against the Marcoses. Their votes in favor of the Marcoses are their responses.

Aquino’s election Status

Aquino is in 14th place with 14,054,642 voters with 97.88% of the total votes counted in the partial unofficial count of the Commission on Elections.In the partial official count, which is tallied through the certificates of canvass (COCs), accounting for 74.97% of total votes, Aquino is at 12th spot with 11,001,047 votes. This was as of Thursday, May 16, with 129 out of 167 COCs tallied.

Binay Claim the 12th Spot

“Please continue praying for me; better yet, please continue praying for and loving our country,” Aquino said. Re-electionist Senator Nancy Binay is in 12th place, based on the unofficial results, while another reelectionist senator, JV Ejercito, is at 13th place. Binay already claimed victory on Thursday, May 16, citing her comfortable lead over 13th placer Ejercito.

Otso Diretso is a Failure

No one from Otso Diretso and other opposition groups managed to get into the winning circle. This election 2019 is the first time since 1938 that not a single opposition candidate won a seat in the Senate. Of the 8 Otso Diretso candidates, Aquino and Mar Roxas have not conceded. Roxas is in 16th place in both the official and unofficial counts.

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Election Endgame According to Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores
Prior to the elections, Bongbong Marcos urges the public to go out and vote. He encourages them to exercise their rights like the endgame of the Avengers’ battle. Right after the elections, the Marcoses’ victory from local to national is evident. The people have spoken that it’s payback time. The end of the Dilawans has come. They can never block the leaders that the people want. So far, at 95.99 percent of votes canvassed, Bam Aquino dangles outside of the so-called “Magic 12.”. Imee Marcos is in the middle which is a safe haven.

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Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos urges people to let their voice be heard prior to the 2019 mid-term elections like the endgame of the battle.

The Marcos Team is Winning in the 2019 Elections

Even before the elections, Gov. Imee Marcos’ son, Matthew Marcos Manotoc is already set to replace her as Ilocos Norte Governor. She herself is in a safe lot at 95.99% vote canvassing. Other local positions are also won by members of the Marcos team. Here’s the Senatorial “magic 12.”
• Cynthia Villar – 4,092,454
• Grace Poe – 3,650,288
• Bong Go – 3,293,341
• Pia Cayetano – 3,251,819
• Ronald dela Rosa – 3,128,061
• Sonny Angara – 3,022,955
• Imee Marcos – 2,850,643
• Francis Tolentino – 2,584,833
• Lito Lapid – 2,520,316
• Koko Pimentel – 2,439,571
• Nancy Binay – 2,366,035
• Bam Aquino – 2,335,724

The Last Dilawan Bet Dangles

In the partial, unofficial results a from Comelec data, with some 95.99 percent of votes, Bam dangles outside of the so-called “Magic 12.” He ranks 14th with 13,859,099 votes. Just behind fellow re-electionist senators JV Ejercito and Nancy Binay. Their votes are more than 100,000 votes and 350,000 votes, respectively. Bam starts as a national politician in 2013 when he first ran for the Senate under the “Team PNoy” slate. Then president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III who swears to block the return of the Marcoses is his cousin.

The Comelec’s Assurance

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is open to a “technical audit.” This is to prove that no cheating or manipulation happens. The transparency server stops sending election results for hours recently. Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon gives this assurance as the poll body addresses post-poll tensions caused by technical glitches. This delays the release of the results of the transparency server shortly after voting ends at 6 p.m. Initially, there’s no Ocho Diretso candidate that makes it to the “magic” 12. Now, Aquino dangles to join.

The Presumptive VP is in Denial

The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo flatly denies that she will step down from her post if none of the Otso Diretso senatorial candidates makes it to the so-called Magic 12. Robredo belies a Facebook post that quotes her as saying that she would quit her post if no opposition senatorial candidate gets elected.

The Endgame of the Marcos-Aquino Feud

The feud of the Marcos and Aquino clans that divides the nation now faces its endgame. Bongbong Marcos implies this just days before the mid-year elections. The Marcoses are allies of the current administration. At the rate it is going, it is likely that the Presidential daughter’s joke, Sara Du30-Carpio has some truth in it. She said that if she runs, she might as well do it for the Vice Presidency in 2022. This is likely the scenario if Bongbong Marcos runs for President. The endgame could be the Marcos-Du30 tandem.

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Makati Evolves Around Leadership Choices for Innovation


By: Elena Grace Flores
Makati voters’ choices of new leaders evolve as per the mid-term 2019 election results. The winning mayor, Abby Binay gets a second term. She said that the only person who can claim the Binay brand is his father. The trend thus evolves when the Binay patriarch lost to once an ally, Kid Peña for District 1 Congressman. Luis Campos stays in the position for District 2. One of the top councilors, Jhong Hilario from Show Time is also successful in his re-election bid. This goes the same with the emotional Vice Mayor, Monique Lagdameo. She receives the proclamation together with her father in a wheelchair. No Binay was present during the ceremony but Mayor Binay’s innovation aim starts even from the new sets of leaders.

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[VIDEO]: Abby Binay, Kid Peña, Jhong Hilario prinoklama nang panalo sa Makati | Halalan 2019

Sibling Rivalry is Over, Now on to Innovation

Re-electionist Abby Binay manages to retain her post as mayor of Makati City. She dominates an election that brings to the end of her feud with brother Junjun. Jun is the former mayor who seeks to retake the city hall. Final tally of votes are 179,522 ins support of Abby’s bid. That beats Junjun who receives 98,653 votes.

The Political Retirement of the Binay Patriarch

The Office of the Ombudsman charges the Binay patriarch, Jejomar, and Junjun in 2015. This is over the alleged irregularities in the construction of Makati City Hall Building II. Several other officials and employees of the Makati City government are also implicaed. Beset by a massive corruption scandal propaganda, Jejomar lost the presidential elections in 2016. However, Abby won the seat for Makati mayor. This maintains the family’s influence over the city. At 74, Jojo’s unsuccessful congressional bid marks his political retirement.

A Binay is Still the Top Choice for the City’s Head

Ricky Yabut with 23,721 votes, Rene Bondal with 3,565, Wilfredo Talag with 1,541, and Love Alanzalon with 1,101 are on the tails of the Binays for the mayoral post. Abby Binay is not yet at the Makati Coliseum during her proclamation.

Grateful to Makatizens

In his social media post, Congressman Luis Campos, the husband of Mayor Binay is thankful to the support of the Makati majority voters. The mayor’s win is a landslide while he retains his post as the Representative for District 2. They are the city’s key to innovation with their modern techniques.

Senator Binay’s Bid is Still Shaky

Senator Nancy Binay who reminds Mayor Binay that after all, they are still a family is uncertain with her re-election bid in the Senatorial race. She lands at number 12 but the canvassing is not yet complete. She might be on his brother’s side but is in line with her sister’s innovation. Despite the uncertainty, it is only a matter of time that they Binay family unites as one once again.

It’s all about Choosing the Right Binay for Makati Voters this Midterm Election