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Live Blissfully with Sufficient Count of White Blood Cells

By: Gemma Lagasca




White Blood Cell Apheresis Machine
White Blood Cell Apheresis Machine (Photo credit: drbrain)

Do you know that white blood cells count affects your immune system?White Blood Cells (WBC) are significant part of the immune system as they are also called the body’s “first responders”. They protect the body against airborne diseases, mysterious viruses, fungus and bacteria. However, once the body has low white blood cell count, opportunistic infections can freely infiltrate into our body.


Low white blood cell count is a sign of poor immune system caused by variety of reasons. Unhealthy diet or poor lifestyle, emotional stress, health conditions due to medical treatment or surgery and natural aging process are some of the few causes of low immunity. No matter what the cause is, the body needs to boost WBC’S optimum response to fight against infections and diseases. Here’s how to improve low white blood cells count for your protection:


  1. Control your sugar and sweet food intake. Sugar weakens the capability of white blood cells to battle infections.
  2. Stay away from unhealthy fats such as polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oils coming from sunflower, corn and safflower. These are not helpful to enhance the immune system.
  3. Trim-down excess pounds. Heavy or overweight people are prone to infections according to some studies.
  4. Flush the toxins outside your body by drinking plenty of water every day.
  5. Exercise in moderation. Exercise is good to improve the immune system but too much of it will also weaken the body.
  6. Control your stress at the lowest level. Find time to relax as much as possible because stress in life is a silent killer and it can drop the immune system’s capability abruptly.

Heighten your Immune System by doing the following:


  1. Take more beta carotene-enriched foods such as carrots or any dark-green, yellow, orange and red vegetables. These beta carotene sources will increase the production of white blood cells and help the body at its best to block infections.
  2. Have a cup of yogurt every day. It helps the body in generating antibodies and enhances low immunity.
  3. Include garlic in your daily meal. Garlic helps boost white blood cells production.
  4. Eat plenty of vitamin A enriched foods. Their antioxidant component helps the body in fighting off free radical cells. They are also vital in generating white blood cells that will boost the immune system.
  5. Don’t miss chicken, almonds, guava, dark grapes and navy beans. These are all beneficial in increasing white blood cells count.

Recommended Food Supplements


  1. Vitamin C is an immune system enhancer by increasing WBC.
  2. Zinc is a basic element that acts as a catalyst to fight against infection.
  3. Green tea encourages the production of beneficial white blood cells.
  4. Asian or Siberian Ginseng in supplemental form is a good immune system enhancer.
  5. Oleander extract is a herbal supplement that is 100% proven effective clinically to enhance low white blood cell count in HIV or AIDS patients based on the research published on Natural News online.

Other Source: Low Immunity



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Man-made Chemicals can Cause Infertility and Cancer

By: Gemma Lagasca


man made images A recent study by the U.N. research group which was published by Reuters this year indicated that man-made chemicals we normally use every day maybe an added cause of hormonal cancers, psychiatric diseases and birth deformities. These substances can also affect a female’s fertility capability and decrease the sperm count of male when directly exposed to them.

In 2002, the academic experts working under the United Nations environmental and health agencies – the UNEP and WHO released their discoveries.  Based on the study, there are potential dangers on man-made chemicals. “It is clear that some of these chemical pollutants can affect the endocrinal (hormonal) system and can also interfere with the development processes of humans and wildlife” according to the report.  The team also added that animals and humans on earth exposed to any of these synthetic chemicals need further studies and resolution – since these formulations are in fact considered as a global threat to living things.

On page 28 of the report, this statement was highlighted: “We live in a world in which man-made chemicals have become part of everyday life”. That’s why -a policy guide for governments was soon released in 2012 entitled “State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals”.

The Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals involve referred to as “phthalates” are extensive materials mostly used by humans. These substances are mainly used in manufacturing plastics – to increase their flexibility. So the usual items we use every day that contain “phthalates” are toys, perfumes, kid’s dummies, cosmetics such as deodorants and pharmaceutical products.

Moreover, Bisphenol A compound is also present in babies’ feeding bottles, food and drinks containers or cans.  BPA is used to solidify plastics.

Countries such as Canada, some European Union members and the United States are strictly prohibiting the use of products that contain BPA and phthalates – especially for children’s use. Unfortunately, most people around the world are continuously using these harmful products despite the discovery. Experts are worried because such chemicals from plastic containers, cans and bottles can be absorbed by the foods and drinks we take into the body.

The Components were Underestimated

A group called IOMC working under the umbrella of U.N. agencies proclaimed that the real hitch was the makers of these consumer products. They overlook to determine many of their chemical contents. However, scientists admitted that they haven’t got into deeper studies about it yet. Therefore the risk in using EDCs or other substances with the dangerous combination cannot be measured exactly for the time being.

In the study, the effect of the synthetic chemicals on humans and animals was also linked to EDCs. It is assumed that they may have something to do with some chronic illnesses such as diabetes, prostate cancer, asthma, strokes, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s diseases plus infertility. The study suggested that babies in the womb who are exposed to EDCs can possibly develop those mentioned diseases in later life – including other behavioral and learning skill problems in growing children.

These possible defects may affect 5% up to 10% of babies exposed to EDCs. Likewise, autism also rated at 1% possibility. It is disturbing that brain cancer and childhood leukemia are hitting the rank.  Although, scientists explained that all of these complex non-communicable diseases have both genetic and environmental factors also.

The team also added to their report that “since the increase in incidence and prevalence of these conditions cannot be solely blamed to genetics, it is important to focus on understanding the contribution of the environment to these chronic diseases based on the recorded trends in humans”.

Image Source: Latimes 

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Adapting to Elderly Lifestyle Change

By: Gemma Lagasca


Elderly LifestyleDangerous scenarios at home for the elders will come along – adapting to elderly lifestyle change is a must – whether we like it or not as their physical state continue to deteriorate. Physicians and social workers who have been taking care of elderly people knew all these dangers – that can advice on further assistance needed for the elder’s lifestyle adjustment needed for the elderly to be safe and comfortable. First typical personality and physical capability changes are primer in the list. Secondly, behavioral changes will follow in a major way. Note that these changes are hard that exceptional compassion and understanding are needed. All members of the family should be involved in the decision making and the elderly concerned should be aware and understands the purpose for the agreed solutions. On top of that – the advice of a health professional should not be undermined:

Critical Manifestations among Elders

    1. Gradual drop-down in performing their personal habits. They may forget to wear their dentures, infrequent bathing and grooming, not shaving and some physical problems.
    2. Hasty weight loss. They may not be eating well due to being emotionally disturbed while staying home alone and no one is encouraging them to take their meals.
    3. Accidents such as burns and injuries. Elders are generally weak, fragile and have blurred vision- but their minds still think that they can still do their normal activities. They may forget that they are holding a hot pot or they may accidentally misuse a certain chemical that can burn their skin.
    4. Mental confusion and dementia. Elders are obviously suspicious and sensitive. This indicates mental confusion that needs medical attention to help the family handle the situation properly.
    5. Over-dosing is critical and worst if they are unable to take their medication at all. This is due to their old age. They are experiencing confusion and forgetfulness thus mixing-up the doctor’s instructions.

Senior Care Suggestions

By anticipating all those elderly manifestations and danger signs – accidents can be avoided. It is also advisable to get to know how to deal with a particular elder as well. If no one can dedicate ample time for this, there are many options such as government services, facilities or home care to ensure a happy, safe and peaceful dwelling for them.

It is important to let elders settle in a retirement place. There are existing establishments like the Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) – these are condominiums and apartment buildings especially designed for the oldies ages 62 years old and above. Ideal settling areas for home care are as follow:

      1. Complete amenities. The buildings that have facilities such as pharmacies, salon, wellness centers, groceries and other shopping services.
      2. Latest technological machines for the elders. There should be an available lightweight wheelchairs, Velcro fasteners and remote controlled devices for the appliances. Another vital tool is an easy to dial phone monitoring system in case of emergency.
      3. Home care services. Aged people need kind, sincere and caring personal nurse or caregiver to feed them, clean them and give appropriate medications.
      4. Elders’ day! This is a kind of activity exclusively for all elders. There are some groups of active facilitators to formulate such activities for the oldies. The activity can be scheduled two to three times a week. This way, elders will be inspired and encouraged in enjoying their retirement period.

It is important to note that we shouldn’t treat the elderly as helpless human beings. Allow them to retain their independence and do manageable errands – as long as their body, mind and well-being can support it.

Image Source: Home Care

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Online Marketing Strategies Must be Sensitive to Mobile Users


By: Gemma Lagasca


phone_internet_data-11349141Mobile web designing and online marketing are the two known techniques used in the world wide web business. However, there is always a doubt if it possible to combine mobile and content designs at the same time without restricting the target designs for small screens? Actually, quality content does not have to worry about the device’ capacity—the truth is, it can enhance the potential of the contents using the latest mobile devices.

Web designers are actively showing clients the potential outlook of content marketing and mobile design effectively. Probability wise, most clients believe on the rapid increase in phone use. It is accessible to all and a necessity in everyday living and truly an advantage tool to gain new customers in the phone user market.

  1. Here are some killer content marketing strategy and its unique description that will definitely click together:Team work. Before putting together such brilliant ideas in terms of marketing, content designs and strategies, the team must work together with one goal—that is to find the best and creative way to present and materialize the plan. It is important to meet the main objectives while moving within the parameters set by responsive design.
  2. Marketers should know how consumers use their mobile phone—this can help the business the easy way based on statistics. According to the New Forrester research, by the year 2016 Smartphone users will increase up to 1 billion users. Because of this, business projects will be doubled and mobile apps will soon hit the $56 billion target mark.
  3. Understanding the Smartphone’s’ biggest role to access in the web business. It is frequently used 24 hours a day in different activities. It can be used for quick answers for clients concerns—which is vital for every business opportunities. Smartphones are useful tools to reach-out clients through ads wherever you are. Likewise it can be used while watching television, using your tablet and other gadgets. The products from ads can effectively penetrate into the consumers since they are visible and more realistic.
  4. Learn from eBay and Amazon’s effective strategy. They used mobile internet to build more clients. There target are big time shoppers who normally know how and what to shop. Consumers are wise enough to know where to purchase a good quality yet cheaper product. The convenience of clients is also important—like in Amazon, clients can place their order anytime using mobile phones with free delivery services. While Amazon is now reaping the success in the industry, EBay can process every transaction in just seconds. Its mobile application can detect a customer’s handset and serve its clients with its easy browsing and quick search functionality.

Remember these important tips on phone monitoring statistics.

  • Ensure that the marketing content is easy to find and
  • Make use of handset detection software.
  • Use personalized content. This is one way of encouraging clients for their next visits.
  • Reduce procedures in the check-out process to minimize drop off.
  • Test text to avoid errors before the official launch of your online market.
  • Keep monitoring the page views and traffic.

These are just few data that can guide marketers on the right marketing strategies so, phone monitoring is essential when running a business.

Image Source: PC World

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Distracted driving: America is Number 1

Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand hel...
Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand held mobile phone violating New York State law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most distracted driver can easily come from the Philippines because majority of Filipinos are really fund of texting messages on their mobiles phones while the other hand is on the wheel. However, the number one spot among the most distracted drivers is already claimed by the Americans according to this article.

Read more on why they think so:

Distracted driving: We’re Number 1

“Americans drive while talking on a cellphone or texting more than their counterparts in seven European countries. A report published yesterday showed that 69% of American drivers surveyed said they had talked on a cellphone while driving at least once in the previous month (31% said they did it “regularly or fairly often”), and 31% said they had read or sent text messages while driving. The least distracted drivers were in the United Kingdom.

We may not make it to the list but at least, we now know what to avoid to be away from accidents.

This is actually the number one spot that we should shy away from!

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