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Eating Tips for Better Health


Mindless Eating
Mindless Eating (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ever since our first solid food when we were babies, our parents will always feed us until we are full – and we obviously get used to it until adulthood. This is basically why eating to the fullest is a normal habit by the human race and even animals regardless of where they come from. Now, it’s about time to read these eating tips if you want to live comfortably without suffering from dreaded diseases. This masterpiece has created a stir in the WordPress world and it is our intention to share this article with you:


Therapeutic Hunger: Habitual Mindless eating to Mindful eating


By: bhardwazbhardwaz


“Therapeutic Hunger” (TH) is the residual hunger that is still left when we don’t eat stomach full.  When we finish meals, and have eaten just the right quantity of food, that we don’t feel full and have left some space in stomach to properly digest the food . This sweet hunger is very therapeutic, as it helps optimise digestion, proper absorption of nutrients, and enough space for elimination of waste.


For sure, many of us will feel guilty upon reading this information – but better late than never. Let’s eat a little bit less than enough and feed our minors the same – so that the new generation will be healthier than we are now without too much efforts. It’s not just the right kinds of foods or the essential nutrients but also the amount of the total intake. Leave some space in your stomach so that the digestive system can function properly!


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Value for Money Nokia Lumia 620

Carlo2By: Gian Carlo Chua


Nokia Lumia 620
Nokia Lumia 620 (Photo credit: mL.)

After the releases of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820 which are aimed at the high end and midrange markets respectively, Nokia has another entry to the Lumia line. This is no other than the Nokia Lumia 620. The Nokia Lumia 620 was launched just last December of 2012. It was officially released on January 2013. The Nokia Lumia 620 is an entry level smart phone. This handset is the successor to the Nokia Lumia 610 which was released earlier this year. Like its successor, this handset is also an entry level smart phone.

The Nokia Lumia 620 is part of the second generation of the Lumia line along with the Nokia Lumia 820 and the Nokia Lumia 920. Compared to both of the other phones in the current generation of the Lumia line, the Nokia Lumia 620 is the most toned down. But even though it takes last place among the three second generation Lumia phones, it is still a good smart phone for its price. The Nokia Lumia 620 comes in a lot of colors. You can pick between green, orange, pink, yellow, blue, white and black.

In a world where almost every smart phone is either black or white, I give props to Nokia for giving the consumers freedom to pick the color of their phone according to their style. Aside from it being colorful, the Nokia Lumia 620 body measures only 115.4 x 61.1 x 11 mm and weighs 127g. This handset also runs on Windows Phone 8. It is one of the firsts if not first of its kind to be an entry level smart phone running the latest Windows Phone operating system. The Nokia Lumia 620 has a 1.0 GHz dual-core CPU and 512 MB of RAM. It has an 8 GB of internal storage capacity. You can also expand the memory since it also features a micro SD card slot.

The Nokia Lumia 620 features a 3.8 inch LCD Clear Blackcapacitive touch screen running at 800 x 480 resolutions at 246 pixels per inch. The Nokia Lumia 620 has rear and front facing cameras. Its rear facing camera can capture photos with its 5 megapixel lens with LED flash. It can also capture video at 1280 x 720 (720p HD) resolution. Its front facing camera is only VGA quality but not bad at all. The Nokia Lumia 620 will also support NFC. Other connectivity features include Wi-Fi 802.11 a,b,g,n and Bluetooth 3.0. The Nokia Lumia 620 runs on a 1300mAh Li – Ion battery.

The Nokia Lumia 620 is the first entry level smart phone in the second generation of Nokia’s Lumia line. You can’t really compare it to the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820. But for its price, it is really a good buy. So if you really want to buy a smart phone that runs on the latest Windows Phone operating system but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Nokia Lumia 620 is the perfect smart phone for you. It is truly a great addition to the second generation of Nokia’s Lumia line.

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More Affordable Smartphone: Nokia Lumia 820

Carlo2By: Gian Carlo Chua


Nokia Lumia 820
Nokia Lumia 820 (Photo credit: John.Karakatsanis)

Coinciding with the release of the NokiaLumia 920, Nokia is providing consumers with a more affordable option. This is no other than the Nokia Lumia 820. The Nokia Lumia 820 is a mid- range smartphone. This phone is also to the successor to the previously released Nokia Lumia 800 which was also created to cater mid-range market level. The Nokia Lumia 820 is not Nokia’s flagship phone, but it’s a fascinating addition to the growing Nokia Lumia family.

The Nokia Lumia 820 has a lot of similarities with the Nokia Lumia 920 but it’s a bit more toned down. Nokia seems really fond of returning color to the smart phone industry since the Nokia Lumia 820 comes in a variety of colors. But unlike the Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia Lumia 820 comes with swappable covers. You could pick between black, white, red, purple, cyan, yellow and gray. Now you could change the color of your covers to suit your mood, taste or preference. Since you could take the back cover of this phone, you could also replace the battery if you wanted to. This is a good option for those people not satisfied with several flagship smart phones in the market today (including the Nokia Lumia 920). Aside from its colorful physical features, it has a body of 4.87 x 2.70 x 0.39 inches.

The Nokia Lumia 820 also runs on Windows Phone 8. It has a Dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU and 1 GB of RAM. It has 8GB of internal storage but has a microSD slot thus making it capable for expansion. It has an AMOLED capacitive touch screen running at 480 x 800 resolutions at 217 pixels per inch. The Nokia Lumia 820 has 2 cameras, a rear facing and a front facing. Its rear facing camera features an 8 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens with LED flash. This camera is capable of capturing 1080p videos at 30 frames per second. While it’s front facing camera is of VGA quality.

Like the Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia Lumia 820 also features 4G LTE and will support NFC. Other connectivity features include Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth v3.1. It also includes microUSB v2.0. The Nokia Lumia820 has a standard Li-ion 1650mAh battery. Like the Nokia Lumia 920, it can also be charged wirelessly using Nokia’s charging plate. But if you prefer the traditional way, it can also be charged using a traditional charger. The battery has an endurance rating of 40 hours.

The Nokia Lumia 820 is basically a bit lower version of the Nokia Lumia 920. Even though it’s not considered as a flagship phone of Nokia, it is still in the 2nd class of the Nokia Lumia line. It is actually a huge step forward compared to its predecessor, the Nokia Lumia 800. The Nokia Lumia 820 smart phone is also a good buy for people who are conscious with their spending when it comes to buying a smartphone. It is also a good choice for those who have never tried but interested to try the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

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Insights on Recent Global Stock Market Status

Removed background, cropped, and converted to ...
Removed background, cropped, and converted to PNG with Macromedia Fireworks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gone were the days when the rest of the third world countries were looking up to the economic progress of super powers like the United States and Japan. The year 2013 marks the all-time low U.S. dollar value when America is battling the worsening unemployment rate. Japan also has problems of its own. So, this means to say that the stronger currencies in weaker countries do not mean that those particular economies are doing well since the U’S. dollars have been the standard basis for the world’s currency exchange. So, if your local currency is getting stronger, it’s not the right time yet to rejoice because this also has negative implications. Get updated by reading this stock market update:

Stocks: Central banks take center stage

By CNNMoney Staff 

A worse-than-expected report on U.S. unemployment claims Thursday offset the positive tone set by the Bank of Japan, which had announced an anti-deflation program that exceeded already sky-high expectations.

Take the case of the Philippines where overseas workers are major contributors to the country’s economy – it sounds positive when news about the Philippine peso getting stronger is flashed over television screens. The real score is much felt by the families of these OFWs which is the opposite.   For one, the OFWs themselves could either lose their jobs or forced to settle with lower pays. The recipients of their earnings also find that the value of the remittances received are not anymore as substantial than they used to be – to the verge of budget shortages. So, next time you hear such news, verify the actual status and its implications by reading more!


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The Goodness of White-Fleshed Fruits and Vegetables

By: Gemma Lagasca


Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. c...
Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. circa 2007, USA, California, Long Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Study shows from the published Journal of the American Heart Association that eating plenty of white-fleshed vegetables and fruits can possibly diminish stroke risk. Dutch researchers conducted this study among 20,069 people ages 20 to 65 years old without the history of heart failures or cardiovascular diseases. They set out a rigid research to find possible links between eating vegetables and fruits with stroke risks among those energetic people who are regular eaters of veggies and fruits in their daily meals regardless of color.

For the record, there were 233 people listed with episodes of stroke during the 10 years proceedings. Therefore, a further conclusion was formulated that 52% of these patients now have lower their coronary vulnerabilities due to eating more white-fleshed fruits and vegetables, compared to those who didn’t.

What’s on every small bite of white-fleshed fruits and veggies?

Based on an experiment conducted by scientists, it was evident that each 25 grams daily intake of white-fleshed veggies and fruits can lower heart ailments to about 9% decreasing the possibilities of stroke. So if you add a medium-sized apple on your plate per meal weighing about 120 grams—it means that you can be protected from unexpectedfatal stroke.Fortunately, these beneficial foods are not uncommon. You can choose from varieties of the best picks of white-fleshed goodness such as pears, apples, banana, cauliflower and cucumbers.

According to Linda M. Oude Griep, MSc, of Wageningen University of Netherlands, “to avoid stroke, it may be useful to consume considerable amounts of white fruits and vegetables”.  She also added that taking more white-fleshed fruits and vegetable is a fuss-free way to protect individuals prone to heart conditions. However, other groups and different colors of fruits and veggies should not be disregarded. They also contain beneficial nutrients that protect your body against chronic diseases. Just prioritize what you need the most.

What’s the essence of color in the studies?

Color echoes the existence of beneficial “photochemical” compounds or the plant compound like flavonoids and carotenoids. Researchers, wanted to prove that different food groups and colors of vegetables and fruits have different characteristic and nutritional value. As part of the experiment, the researchers divided variety of fruits and vegetables into four groups according to their specific colors: 55% of white-fleshed such as apples and pears, green and dark leafy vegetables like lettuces and cabbages, red-purple or mostly red vegetables and orange-yellow fruits like citrus. However, Oude Griep said that it may be too soon for the doctors to recommend these findings to their patients as basis for their daily diet since the initial result of the study can still change.

Apart from the Dutch scientists’ study, the U.S. Preventive Health Services highly recommends to people to have different food groups of vegetables in their daily meals.  Heike Wersching, MD, MSc of the University of Munster in Germany commented in an editorial that the Dutch research is covering a “remarkably large” study group. This study needs further analysis with caution. Wersching suggested that participants should have black and white questioners to be filled up to gather more accurate data interpretation.If the conclusion of OudeGriep’s group is simulated, clinical tests should follow next to confirm the benefits of having “an apple a day” Wersching added.

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