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Palace Alerted on Own Rising Binay Rating Survey

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Politiko reported that they can sense the Palace’s nervousness when addressing the questions of V.P. Jejomar Binay on the performance of the administration. These were asked by Joey Salgado, Binay’s spokesperson as he was defending Binay on Edwin Lacierda and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas’s attacks.

It was evident that not only the Pulse Asia and SWS’s trust surveys that show the rising rating of the Vice President but also in Malacanang Palace’s internal survey – or else the secretaries will not be this troubled. They cannot give direct answers to the basic questions of the people like the following:

LRT – MRT Maintenance situation that is a burden to the commuters in Manila.
– Roxas calling Binay a Thief when no charges were filed against the Vice President on Corruption allegations
Junjun Binay’s suspension as Mayor of Makati as Lacierda cited that it was based on tons of evidence when the mayor is legally on Preventive Suspension and yet to find evidence during his absence.

Truly, the administration officers are already on panic when the Vice President pointed out the increasing unemployment rate despite the over-publicized status of the economy being at its best.

Here are the links to the full transcriptions and video of July 7, 2015 Binay Senate Probe:
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