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Palace: No More Third Chance for the Sitting VP


By: Elena Grace Flores
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Palace: Unlikely for Duterte, Robredo to work together anew

No More Third Chance

It is unlikely for President Rodrigo Duterte and presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo to have a harmonious working relationship. This is after the latter supposedly failed to make it work when the President appointed her twice. Robredo listens to her advisers. She became an opposition. If not obstructionist. The VP became a cabinet member twice. First as a housing czar and second as anti-illegal drugs head. But nothing happened. One more chance is unlikely.

Harsh Words

Robredo is a constant receiver of the President’s harsh words. It’s because she triggers the leader’s anger. She is the number one critic of the government’s major efforts. Two years more to go. So, it’s best to leave it at that, said Palace spokesperson Harry Roque. The President would not apologize to her as well. This made Robredo swear to fight back but only up to a certain level, she explained.

No Chance for Unity

It may be strange to have a constant war between the President and the Vice President. This is because unlike in other countries, both belong to opposing parties. Their characters ang principles are also very different. The President is brutally honest while Robredo adheres to her party’s plans. Good thing that the 2022 election is fast approaching.

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