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Palace Tells VP to Wait for Investigation as Son of Slain Mayor Perez Expresses Trust


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by News5Everywhere

Roque slams Robredo’s comment that killing has normalized

Wait for the Investigation

Palace spokesperson Harry Roque advises the sitting VP Leni Robredo to wait for the investigation results before making unnecessary comments. Robredo earlier said that the killing of officials became normal in the country. This is allegedly after the President issued a narco-list. The President already apologizes to the family if this is so. The son of the slain mayor of Los Banos, Laguna, Caesar Perez also expresses his trust to the Duterte administration.

Preventing Rampant Killing

The law is in place when it comes to killings. The police has to identify the killers first. Roque challenges Robredo since they are both lawyers. If she has the evidence, she should file a case in court – instead of just criticizing the President again through the mainstream media.

Justice for the Mayor Caesar Perez

The late Mayor Perez’s constituents continue to ask for justice through his son. They organized a motorcade in his honor. They facilitated his burial following the pandemic protocol. The last thing they want is for the mayor’s death to be used in Robredo’s political turmoil. The remarks of his son to the President should stop the VP’s intention.

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