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Pastor Boy Saycon is the bridge Between Binay and Duterte for Bihomadu

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bihomadu is the alliance among Binay, Honasan, Marcos and Duterte that would deal with the three things that are prioritized by the Duterte administration: First, is to check into the Comelec’s connivance on election cheating, second, to scrutinize the questionable lead of Robredo over Bongbong Marcos and third, to look into the questionable entry of De Lima into the senate.

Although Binay and Duterte are friends, they opted not to be seen in public during from the election campaign period up to now. It is Pastor Boy Saycon who serves as their go-between when creating strategies for the opposition to win against the Liberal Party.

Now, telephone calls to and from Duterte is already convenient for Pastor Boy – but it was different when Binay and Duterte were still campaigning against each other. At one instance, Pastor Boy will park at a parking lot and Duterte’s vehicle will park next to it, they both opened windows, chat and go quickly to separate directions. Real-life dramas are true with politics but if it is for the good of the people, alliance between likeminded leaders are very possible.


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