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Pastor Quiboloy Hails the Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos

Ferdinand E. Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Pastor Quiboloy Salutes President Ferdinand E. Marcos
Religious leader, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said that the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos has the most achievements to make the Philippines better. His visions live until today. The infrastructure projects during his time are still serving the people. He was not only brilliant but a very bright president whom Filipinos can be proud of.

His Visions Live through his Projects

Heart, kidney, and lungs centers are living proofs of the brilliance of Ferdinand E. Marcos. Add the San Juanico bridge to that list plus many more. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the only president who come before him who has the guts to continue his visions. The Build Build Build project that follows Marcos’ project is now ongoing.

Saving the Country from Communism

The alleged dictatorship of Ferdinand E. Marcos made him save the country from communism, said Quiboloy. He was only demonized by his detractors, he added. The pastor is a staunch supporter of President Duterte. This gesture of him really confirms the Marcos-Duterte alliance no matter what some rumors say. It really takes wisdom to understand the ways of politics.

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