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Pastor Quiboloy to the VP: The More you Strike the President, the More you Sink!

Pastor Quiboloy

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by SutiL TV

The sitting VP’s criticisms trigger Pastor Quiboloy to speak again

Pastor Quiboloy Warns Robredo

Pastor Quiboloy who is an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte advises the VP that instead of being a critic to her boss, she should just help. As the holder of the second position of the land, the people have some high expectations from her. Her actions must complement the government that she is a part of. Not destroy it as she did.

Putting the Image of the President in a Bad Light

It is injustice to put the image of the president in a bad light, added Pastor Quiboloy. The Philippines became one of the most peaceful places in the world. It’s because of Duterte’s war on drugs. That’s why he has the highest approval rating of 97%. Event at 91%, it’s still very high. So, Robredo’s criticisms can only destroy her. She will sink, stressed the Pastor.

Do Not Envy

As a public servant, Robredo should not be envious of the president. She should be supportive if she wants to survive in todays politics. Those who are not in line with Duterte have no chance during the 2022 elections. The majority of the Filipinos would gladly vote for his endorsees.

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