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Paul Walker Died after Supporting a Relief Effort for the Philippines

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Just want to give tribute to this Hollywood actor, Paul Walker who lost his life after spending some time in between his busy schedule in supporting a relief effort for the victims of typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. We might not be able to reciprocate your kindness anymore – but you will serve as a model for sure to those who would like to make a difference in this world. Thanks to you – and for those who did not know it yet, here’s the sad news:

Paul Walker Dead at 40 in Fiery Car Crash


Paul Walker — best known for his role in “The Fast and the Furious” movies — died Saturday afternoon after a single-car accident and explosion in Southern California … TMZ has learned.

The accident happened in Santa Clarita — north of Los Angeles — and Paul was the passenger in the two-seater Porsche Carrera GT when the driver somehow lost control and slammed into a post or a tree … and the car burst into flames.

Several of our sources — some of whom were at the scene of the accident — tell us a friend of Paul’s was driving and was also killed in the fiery wreck.

Call it fate – but this is just too difficult to the fans and most especially to his loved ones. Again, a reminder that no matter how beautiful a person is and the life he or she lived, death can come like a thief in the night. So, we better be ready. It’s just comforting to know that Paul Walker was a happy soul shortly before the accident – and praying that it will continue to life ever lasting.

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