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It Pays to be Bossy

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bossy women are reputed to be girls with attitude. Something negative to hear but there are many positive reasons why. Often, a woman has to stand up and fight for survival because the man of her life can’t be leaned on. Others are like that by choice because they have responsibilities in their personal, professional or social life that require them to be tough. Since March is Women’s month, let’s review this Ban Bossy Campaign:

Backlash against Ban Bossy campaign

By: Clarence Page

Now she’s unveiled Ban Bossy, a campaign that enlists power women as diverse as Condoleezza Rice, Jennifer Garner and Beyonce plus the Girl Scouts to beat back the negative thinking that squelches budding take-charge attitudes in girls.

“When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a ‘leader,'” says the website. “Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded ‘bossy.'”,0,5357616.column

Women can be leaders like any other gender – and it is not right to call those prominent women “bossy” just because they are as good as men in their field. This might not be a big deal for many people but a woman can get emotional when things like these are addressed for their welfare. After all, they are still women in mind, heart and well-being.

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