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PBB Concentrates on Solving Big Problems while Detractors are Busy Getting Credit for Gossip


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The President is not satisfied with the Middle Man’s Alleged Natural Cause of Death

Getting Credit on Gossip

President Bongbong Marcos said during a press conference that the police knows what to do in Percy Lapid’s case. Despite his concentrating on solving big problems, he still talks to DILG Secretary, Benhur Abalos, and Justice Secretary Boying Remulla 5 times a day while his detractors are busy getting credit for gossip.  That the media desperately escalates.  Perhaps to discredit him.

Toxicology Report

The toxicology report on the alleged middleman in the assassination of the said journalist came but the president is not satisfied with the result. There may be no poison found but the Filipino leader feels that it seems odd for him to die naturally given the circumstances. The anti-government calls him silent on the case but they also cannot get credit for being noisy without substance.

The Investigation Continues

Other forensic tests are ongoing and the investigation continues. PBBM does not want to interfere with the PNP’s job. He can only get in the way. The police know what to do, he added.  Police protection is also given to the people involved.

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