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PBBM was Surprised by his Son’s Degree of Fame Even in Indonesia


By: Elena Grace Flores

Jomar and Michelle vlog
[VIDEO]: Cong. Sandro Marcos is also hot even in Indonesia.

Sandro’s Degree of Fame

President Bongbong Marcos addressed the crowd in Indonesia during his recent visit. But he was surprised by the degree of excitement spectators had for his son, Congressman Sandro Marcos. He flew freely to his Asian visits after designating VP Sara Duterte-Carpio as the country’s OIC during his absence.

First Trip as President

President Marcos’ visit to Indonesia from September 4 to 6, was at the invitation of Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The two leaders discuss active and multifaceted cooperation in defense, maritime border security, economic development, and people-to-people exchanges. PBBM witnessed for himself the degree of eagerness the Filipino Community had for him and his son.

Knocking on Doors

The President intends to knock on the doors of the country’s immediate neighbors, Indonesia and Singapore. This is to put the Philippines in a position where there are strong alliances and partnerships necessary in coming out of the post-pandemic economy,

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