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PBBM’s Neutral Policy on One China Protects Filipinos from America’s Guinea Pigs Treatment


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers died in the continued war with Russia.

Taiwan Treatment

The US is now replicating its promise to Ukraine by reassuring Taiwan against the One China policy. They even seek alliances in Asia but fortunately, President Bongbong Marcos remains neutral. The US’s guinea pig treatment of Filipinos will not work anymore after the Japanese troop’s slaughter in the Philippine islands. The support of the Americans was not only delayed but also unreasonable. After all, they bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki where many civilians were killed just to retaliate.

A Friend to Both

President Marcos firmly said that China is our partner and friend. On the one hand, America is also our friend. We cannot choose either or, it doesn’t work that way. Our interest is to get whatever benefits we can from our relations with China and the United States. The guinea pigs’ treatment of Filipinos is just unacceptable.

Not Fueling the China-Taiwan Conflict

Security Adviser Clarita Carlos said that the escalation of conflict will hurt both China and Taiwan economically. So, she agrees with the Filipino leader to recognize the One-China policy. This refers to Taiwan not as a sovereign state but merely a province of China. The ruling at the Hague will also be set aside for now.

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