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PBBM’s Oil and Gas Shortage Call to the 3 Countries


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw

Oil and Gas Shortage

Ukraine, Russia, and North Korea were addressed by PBBM during the recent ASEAN summit on the oil and gas shortage plus the nuclear threat. He said that the world is in chaos because of them. They must stop their conflict by resolving their issues diplomatically.

PBBM’s Call

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. expressed concern over the war between Russia and Ukraine and North Korea’s ballistic missile tests. This was at the 41st Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN Summit Retreat in Cambodia recently. Further touching on the Russia-Ukraine war, Marcos called for diplomacy to be employed in resolving conflict. He also noted that the turmoil has sparked global energy particularly the oil and gas supply and food crises.

Nuclear Threat

Marcos then urged North Korea to abide by the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. He likewise called for continuous dialogues and engagement among all concerned parties in a bid to stabilize the situation in the region. It is remembered that North Korea launched its 18th ballistic missile test over Hokkaido in Japan just prior to the ASEAN summit.

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