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PDu30 can Step Down for Bongbong Marcos Unlike the Mediocre Presidents


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Only PDu30 has the guts to implement government actions that address the needs of the masses despite opposition from different factions especially the opposition. He has the political will of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. In a radio discussion, it was said that all presidents after Marcos are mediocre. It is not surprising that his choice of successor is also the namesake, Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Only PDu30 is good enough to implement government actions that are for the welfare of the masses.

President of the Masses

Du30 is a strong leader just like Marcos because of his choice to be independent of conditional assistance from foreign alliances. Locally, he starts to move against media institutions that monopolize the news. The oligarchs have no place also in his jurisdiction. Many cannot understand his drastic actions towards the Americans or to Senator Leila De Lima who was the alter ego of the yellow ex-president. However, if one digs deeper, it’s always for the good of the Filipino people. That’s why he is so loved by the masses.

Product of Fraudulent Election

The president is aware that there was fraud during the 2016 election. He is also sad that he is the Presidential winner of a dirty automated poll. Just recently, Robredo’s lawyer implicated Du30 by saying that if there was fraud, the presidential seat must also be vacated if Robredo gives in to the Marcos’ electoral protest. Like any other mediocre, they vowed to fight back, thus the reason for the counter protest.

Willing to Give Up Post

Unlike all mediocre presidents after Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., PDu30 would rather give up the presidency for as long as Bongbong Marcos succeeds it. This is the reason why he wants him to concentrate on the electoral protest against Robredo instead of giving him a cabinet position.

More Likely Scenario

If Robredo’s camp is challenging the president to step down if she would, there seems to be no problem as far as he is concerned. That is likely the intention in the first place. Once Bongbong Marcos is declared as the real winner of the VP race, the 72-year-old leader is more than willing to resign. Aside from that, he is also fulfilling his campaign promise to turn over the presidency to the young Marcos.

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