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PDuterte Swears to VP: You Can’t be President, Amidst Social Media Exchanges

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By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by GMA News

President Duterte to Robredo. That’s why you can’t be President. You’re too slow.

You Can’t be President

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has a lot of things to say to the presumptive VP. However, her media defenders are quick to criticize the Filipino leader and ignite distasteful exchanges. Leni Robredo might deny her misleading tweets. However, the damage has been done. She successfully annoys Duterte. Thus, leading him to swear that she can’t be president because she’s too slow. These exchanges are trending in social media.

Not in Line of Authority

The president added that in a war or calamity, you have to prepare in advance not just make calls. If Robredo only give orders during the typhoon, she’s just a nuisance. That is why two military leaders blast her on social media that she is not in line of authority. Therefore, she should not be on the way. Her followers are sad about this because they said that her intension is only to help. Not knowing that she can make the tasks of the officers more difficult.

To Rinse in Public

Duterte as he is known is quite direct in saying that he would rinse Robredo in public. This is once she runs for President. He can only ask, he said. He is not sure what time and which home Robredo goes home to. The VP in question replies that the exchanges are just getting below the belt.

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