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Peaceful Sunday after Duterte Banned Giant Media

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s the very first peaceful Sunday that I do not have to counteract against media propaganda from commercial media – as a fighter of media propaganda. I can feel President Rodrigo Duterte’s strategy in abruptly stopping media propaganda is working – by just banning them from his live press conferences to stop all the impartial and exaggerated news reporting. They can pester all they want about people lining up to use the portalette during Mr. President’s thanksgiving party because it will not hurt the country.

It has been a perception for the Filipino masses that if it’s reported by ABS-CBN and GMA, they should be true. Of course, these two TV channels are really good as entertainment providers but they can be bias when it comes to political or public news announcements because of ownership entitlements and sponsorship. After all, they are paid media.

The President, even not yet officially in office already showed his capabilities in immediately stopping unfair operations – what more if he is already sitting inside Malacanang? This is pretty exciting to follow. I am thankful that due to my preference on who to support in the last national election and for reporting only about the truth despite the many criticisms I got, I gained access to the real happenings through my ever reliable informants who are advisers to the higher ups. I did not vote for the President of course because even if he has the same goals as my presidentiable, I just did not like his style – but everything has a purpose and I was one of the very first ones to find out about the strategic alliance. To all my pro Binay colleagues on social media, remember the very first message from V.P. Binay? Do not attack Duterte because he is also for Binay. Now the very big challenge is on – Duterte-Marcos-Binay alliance for better Philippines.

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