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Peña’s Helter-Skelter Ways Led to Disclosure of P306.75 Cake Price – that is far from Bondal’s P1,000 Testimony

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Trying so hard to please the public with his alleged improvements for the benefits of the constituents of the city of Makati, Romulu “Kid” Pena forgot to follow the Standard Operating Procedure imposed in the city’s government office – to be covered by the COA-audited budget for such purposes. This costs him money and bad reputation in the end such as the following:

1. He ended up paying for the 300 cakes ordered for the July celebrants having ordered them from Goldilocks despite the existing contract of the winning bidder.

2. Not honoring the valid contract of the existing cake supplier would generate him more enemies since the free cake-baking training offered by the baranggays’s livelihood program are also affected.

3. It is now known that the real price of the cake under Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay was only P306.75 and not P1,000 as testified earlier by Renato Bondal in the Senate’s Blue Ribbon Committee – because he desperately wanted to beat that price and made it known to the new bidders and the media as well.

4. He also removed the “From the People of Makati” message on the Birthday cake – making it look like just any other generic cake without the warm greeting of the Makati tax payers paying for the cake.

Peña also announced that Councilor Virgilio Hilario from the 1st district will be the acting vice mayor – which is being protested by the number one councillor with most votes, Leo Magpantay.

See Inquirer’s news release for the details.

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