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People who can’t Stop Using Gadgets have PR Problems

By: Elena Grace Flores
It is a pity being surrounded by lots of people but there’s no one there that you can actually talk to. It is sickening to see individuals busy texting, updating social media or playing games with their gadgets especially smartphones amidst the crowd. Technology can be abused also just like Marijuana or other addictive substances. Self control is essential to continue living a healthy and sane life!

People need to connect with other human beings personally to be normal. If this is not the case, there’s a possibility that one can develop anxiety thus becoming anti-social. Most people who would rather be with his or her gadget is other obsessed with this rare possession or very insecure with the lifestyle of others. Often, the display of technology is meant to overcome these negative feelings.

Discipline is needed when using these gadgets to be fit in mind, heart and body. One should not allow any gadget to take over their lives. They were created to compliment the society’s lifestyle and not to destroy it. Be aware of this trend to avoid waking up one day with no one around in life because of public relations problem- but your gadget!

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