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Philippine Government will fight side by side with Sultanate for Sabah Claim

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Malaysian Media wrote that; Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he would stick to the government’s original position on the Sabah issue. As per his own words, “I stick with the original position of the government, nothing has changed,” Duterte said.

Perhaps, the Inquirer which is the source of the news did not know about the government’s original position. Duterte was actually referring to the plan established during Macapagal-Marcos era. Here’s an excerpt:

“The Philippine claim to Sabah was formally filed in 1961 at The United Nations during the administration of President Diosdado Macapagal (1961-1965) based on historical and legal claims. President Ferdinand Marcos assumed presidency in 1965. His alleged Jabiddah plan, supposedly proposing the invasion of Sabah, was publicly exposed, bringing the relations of Malaysia and the Philippines into a state of mistrust.”

When asked by the Inquirer on his government’s plan on the country’s claim over Sabah – he then switched like he normally does saying; “But only through peaceful means. We don’t have the luxury of getting into trouble or another war – we just have to talk to everybody to develop our country. “We can’t afford to fight, let’s just talk, and I hope Malaysians will understand.

But then reverted again; “We will make clear to them what is going to happen.
“If we file an actual case in (the international) court, and it is sure we will win, and yet, we don’t want trouble, so can we resolve this by other means?” Duterte said.

Malaysia knows that as per UN Resolution, the Sultanate as a sovereign entity has propriety rights over Sabah. The truth is – the Philippine government is dedicated to claim back Sabah side by side with the Sultanate – even if it means going to war against the Malaysian oppressors. It will be the Philippines vs. Malaysia in time!

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