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Philippine President Duterte boasted that Manila is now crime-free as he hits on Chief Justice Sereno

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many people would think that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is either dreaming or out of his own mind when he urged Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to walk along the streets of Manila and find out for herself that Manila is now almost crime-free. Just recently, a 5 year-old girl was shot dead during a buy-bust operation while the war on drugs is ongoing. She was shot in the head along with 3 suspects that the police tried to arrest without warrants.

Duterte bluffed Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno over her warrants speech before arresting anyone. “Madame Justice, you are again wrong when you said, ‘Do not allow yourself arrested to be arrested if there is no warrant.’ You are adding to the death toll,” Duterte said in a speech  in Panacan, Davao City.

Duterte  insisted that if the crime is “committed in your presence arrest can be made – even by citizens themselves.”
Sereno already angered the President when she had advised judges allegedly linked into the illegal drugs trade that they are making themselves “physically accountable” if there were no warrants issued for their arrest.

“It is a very dangerous statement. You will promote anarchy. There is no anarchy under my watch,” Duterte reiterated.


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