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Philippine Quake Destroyed Tourism Destination

By: Elena Grace Flores

St. Augustine Church, Panglao, Bohol
St. Augustine Church, Panglao, Bohol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No Filipino or tourist who had been to Bohol can bear witnessing the historical churches and preserved ancient spots becoming pieces of ruins as captured in CCTV videos and amateur cameras. It was the strongest earthquake that ever hit the area. Many speculations that this act of God is a punishment but it’s again proven that the faith of the Visayans particularly the Boholanos and Cebuanos goes a long way beyond religion. They do not need those structures to show love to one another – despite the hardship that they are going through. Here you can see genuine sacrifices like feeding the young ones first with whatever they can get – divided into a spoonful of rice each and so on. Let’s examine the data why, it’s called the deadliest:

Bohol quake among deadliest in Philippine history

By: Camille Diola

MANILA, Philippines – The 7.2-magnitude earthquake, which so far has more than 150 fatalities and heavily damaged well-known landmarks in Central Visayas, would go down in history as among the country’s deadliest quakes and the second most powerful in the 21st century.¬†

If this is an act of God, this calamity shows then that He still loves His people dearly. Given that the earthquake struck during a Muslim Feast which is a non working and non schooling holiday. It was not also on a Sunday when churches normally are filled with Catholic patrons. Imagine the schools with children inside them or the churches with church goers attending masses! It could be worst. We are all sinners and it’s time to examine ourselves if we have lived God’s purpose for our existence – regardless of religion.

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