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Philippines can be alienated from allies due to Duterte’s behavior

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte may have swept away more than 16 million Filipinos to vote for him due to his unusual character traits but he should not forget that a lot more Filipinos who are not his supporters are getting more disgusted with his somewhat distasteful actions and reactions to comments by foreign dignitaries. It was recalled that President Obama called him right after he won as President to remind him of the shared democratic values that both countries respect but instead of saying good words to the US delegates, there’s was no stopping his mouth in calling them names.

Duterte should know that in America’s culture, calling US Ambassador to the country, Philip Goldberg, “a gay son of a bitch.” is far from unacceptable. It is a form of discrimination calling a person regardless of their sexual preferences. He also keeps on talking about his being a lawyer and he knows his limitations and the people’s rights – but human rights nowadays are clearly violated in his undermining police brutality while he is pushing to eliminate both drug dealers and addicts as he is running out of time with his 3 to 6 months promise.

Duterte’s election victory was feared to be the end of bilateral relationship with Washington, as analysts are expecting conflicting strategies in dealing with China contrary to the principles of the US.
Saying that he is all for the alliance with the US but doing things that would make America think twice like the bad words he was throwing at these dignified Americans visiting the Philippines for the country’s welfare, it will not be long before America would turn their back on Filipinos, bringing with them other super powers because the Philippine President is starting to be known as someone who would say something but mean another which would surely put the country into a dangerous situation and thereby alienating it from its allies.


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