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Plaza Miranda Bombing Happened After Ninoy Aquino’s Threats


By: Elena Grace Flores
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Ninoy Aquino warned President Ferdinand Marcos

Caught by the Mouth

In a video speech, the late Senator and rebel, Ninoy Aquino threatened former President Ferdinand Marcos that if he won’t lift martial law, bombs will explode. Plaza Miranda bombing then happened after the said threats. Aquino further warned Marcos that more bombings will follow if he doesn’t listen. The behavior is very opposite to the nature of Marcos who refused to let General Fabian Ver use guns to disperse protesters’ crowds. Let alone Cory Aquino’s death warning to the people.

Do you know that Ninoy Aquino was Rescued by Marcos from Death Penalty?

Marcos tolerated Aquino until the end. His blubber mouth may have made himself imprisoned for rebellion. But Marcos came to his rescue and sent him to the US for a medical treatment instead.

The Good and the Bad

Ninoy and Cory Aquino’s son won as president because of the false image that he is less evil than Marcos. He may belong to a clan that would kill their own for political ambitions. This is judging from the video clips collected to compare the good from the bad. Would a man assasinate someone he desperately rescue from death?

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