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Pnoy Possibly in Cahoots with Malaysia to Protect Cojuanco Businesses

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Analysts indicated that since 2010 when outgoing President Noynoy Aquino or Pnoy never wanted to disappoint the Malaysian over peace talks in Mindanao where they acted as go between the Aquino government and the Muslim rebels. This could have something to do with his paying back his relatives who were funding his presidential bid by taking care of their interests with Malaysia for their gigantic businesses.

Danding Cojuanco’s SMC entry into the Malaysian oil industry as SMC President Ramon S. Ang disclosed that SMC is eyeing to buy a multi billion dollar oil and natural gas outlet overseas because it will be like printing money forever – can be one hint. Another business deal includes AirAsia Philippines, a joint venture between Malaysian investors and Filipino businessmen led by Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco Jr. They are aggressively expanding their operation in the Philippines with their recent acquisition of at least a 40% stake in local rival Zest Airways Inc. Tonyboy’s contribution to Pnoy’s candidacy amounted to P100 million.

If these businesses were the reason why Pnoy was so incompetent on issues involving Malaysia, then the massacre of our people must be avenged by holding him liable on his wrong actions.


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