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What is a Political Prostitute? Can Leni be one?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Do you know that even Hillary Clinton was dubbed by her detractors as a Political Prostitute – worst, she’s a walking, talking political prostitute driven by personal interests and so on and so forth according to this:

Actually, the basic definition is; political prostitutes are politicians who allow themselves to be used or are users themselves. Now, how would this be applicable to Leni Robredo when many are telling her the same? Well it remains to be seen if she really is being manipulated by top people in the Liberal Party.

However, it is widely observed that the previously nice image of Robredo has now vanished. Instead, her actions are showing that she will claim victory for the Vice Presidential race no matter what. It is still hanging at the moment because of the very close fight with Senator Bongbong Marcos who is a well-known politician but whose family name is tainted by media propaganda during martial law era. The official canvass should be able to settle this if the speculations of fraud can be justified in the part of Robredo


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