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The Pork Barrel is only a Power Tool

By: Elena Grace Flores
Reading pork barrel articles and interviewing politicians about the pork barrel scam, it is very obvious that the public have different perception about it’s nature than the people in the public service. While many Filipino citizens are disgusted about the plight of popular senators, the senators themselves knew that this is just a political move to prevent them from running for higher office or vice versa.

Clearly, the pork barrel is not about the senators stealing money – because if you study the distribution channel, they actually do not have access to these loads of cash. These are mere figures that the executive office can play with to gain power by influencing senators to where they want the government to advance to. In short, the pork barrel is the executive office’s tool for getting support from the Senate to realize their intentions for the Philippines.

The pork barrel scam is about crediting and discrediting those who are vulnerable at their slightest unpopular or popular move. Here are collections of articles if you want to analyze this case yourself:

It is unfair to judge our senators because of their alleged involvement with the pork barrel scam. They are just being manipulated by the highest office. They can only deny the accusations and accept thatĀ  this is the price that they have to pay for being senators! Remember, it’s not the money. It’s trial by publicity and the verdict is their success or failure in the upcoming election.

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