Powerful Business Introductions Have Gone Digital 

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Every day recurrences prove that this theory is true.Would you rather listen to a nobody or to someone endorsed by an expert in your field? Yes, this might be one of the injustices in life – but to go against nature just wouldn’t work.

Getting-to-Know Stage

The good news is, today’s internet era is not entirely helpless to cope with a world that needs such powerful introduction in business. The tedious getting-to-know each other stage can now start from a professional introduction via an online application.  It’s like playing the arbitrary rules digitally and still make success more likely. Just be mindful of the questions to ask.

What to Ask a New Contact?

The question to ask a networker in identifying the ideal client for him or her is; Who can he or she help the most? As soon as that professional encounters, someone who is facing a problem that your other contact solves, you’ll immediately gain trust from your new networking acquaintance. This is just by introducing to someone who can help them.

Focus on Quality Not Quantity

Once you garner substantial impressions as a valuable connector, the favors can just reciprocate.  Never compete with a resource person’s set of good opportunities for you. No need to offer back the same number of favorable introductions. Bear in mind that a bad introduction is worse than no introduction at all.

Cautious Introductions Matter

Make it a point to take the time to learn more about a new contact’s track record. This is crucial before making an introduction. A wrong one can hurt your credibility badly. Common interests of both parties must be given a priority over potential business development.

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