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The President is Under Attack by LP to Discredit his Choice of Successor


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Now that Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest is already set in motion, the President is obviously under attack. First, his health is questioned. Next, his political clan is under fire. Is the LP worried that should anything bad happens to him, his choice of successor takes over?

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[VIDEO]: A Palace official has released photos to dispel doubts that arose over the President’s health after he dropped out of public view since Monday. Du30’s prolonged rest period has prompted calls for Malacañang to give regular updates on the president’s health.

Over Fatigue

It is quite normal for a 72-year-old man to get over fatigue after a series of not having enough sleep due to his personal attendance during the wake of the soldiers killed in the Marawi clash. Nevertheless, his political enemies particularly the Liberal Party members are still hesitant to find out the real score about his health.

Political Clan

The LP media comes up again with another controversy. That the president was a creature of the political clan. He allegedly consolidated his power as mayor, replicated what his family and other political families did. He is accused to ensure that his children inherit the post to secure the clan’s monopoly of local power.


Macho Image

They also proceed to destroy his popularity saying that it is not unique. It was prototypical of Philippine local politics, according to the yellow media. Their assumption that Du30 nationalizes the local “way of doing politics,” with coercive features, vulgar argot and other macho behaviors is just too much. A person’s personality cannot be faked. Can’t it be possible that the president is just charismatic enough?

Another Charismatic Figure

If the President is charismatic, how much more, Bongbong Marcos? Better yet, he’s younger and also good-looking. He can capture the new generation with his wit and charming personality. One very big mistake that the LP can do is to drag Marcos’ reputation as they try to pull down President Du30. People will just hate them for that.

4 thoughts on “The President is Under Attack by LP to Discredit his Choice of Successor

  1. ‘ One very big mistake that the LP can do is to drag Marcos’ reputation as they try to pull down President Du30. People will just hate them for that.’ same conclusion as Jun Avelino in attacking PD30 thru the Marcoses.
    excerpt from Martial Law Scare Tactic and the Opposition-Sponsored Rise of the Marcoses by: Jun Avelino
    I fully believe, this opposition’s strategy has boomeranged and it has far reaching implications to their crusade of stopping the return of the Marcoses to power. By constantly calling out Duterte for his Marcos tendencies and with Duterte consistently showing respect and expressing his great adulation for the late strongman, will surely have influence over his followers – a paradigm shift over how the “Dutertards” view the present generation of the Marcos family in this modern day politics. What is alarming that should worry the opposition more is the increasing level of acceptance of the Marcoses among the millennials as can be observed in the resurgence of discussion on the Marcos martial law in the social media, particularly the untold ones. BBM’s performance in the last VP elections is the affirmation of how well the Filipinos treat the Marcoses today.
    ,,.The opposition and anti Duterte forces therefore should revisit their own political strategy and direction and refrain from using the Marcos and Martial law scare tactics to pin Duterte down. It’s suicidal to say the least. Without them knowing it, they have already brought themselves to the lion’s den.

  2. Mabanggit lang ang Bongbong Marcos pakiwari ko nangangatog na ang alam nyo na.Bakit ba?Malaki ba atraso nyo sa mga Marcos?O takot lang kayong mabisto ang mga pang wawalanghiya nyo?cool lang kayo di naman katulad nyo sila na ubod ng walanghiya.

    1. Napakabait ng lahat ng mga Marcos. Sila ang winalanghiya! Matagal na silang nandito sa Pilipinas kung gusto nila kayong balikan noon pa.

  3. Maka-Dios at makatao ang mga Marcosses!

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