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The President is One with the People that Rape Must not be Taken Out from Death Penalty Bill

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The congress is supposed to be the people’s representative. As a separate branch from the executive branch, they do not need to consult the president. However, PDu30 calls for a thorough study and explanation why rape is taken out from the punishable crimes under the death penalty bill. It is acceptable with plunder because he does not promise to kill plunderers but to stop corruption.

Youtube video by; News Cast
[VIDEO]: The President says he’d like to know why Congress removed plunder and rape from the list of crimes punishable with Death Penalty.

If Rape to be Added to the Death Penalty List, it’s Back to Square One

The pro-Du30 congressmen headed by House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez fails to please the government. Even so, the president gives them the benefit of the doubt. The original draft of the death penalty bill includes 21 crimes on the list. The number is lowered to four after a House caucus. Finally, they limit only to drug-related crimes when the 2nd reading is passed by the House. Deputy Speaker Fredenil Castro, one of the bill’s co-authors said that it is back to square one if rape is to be readded to the death penalty bill. Perhaps too late to support the president’s drug war.

The President Promises to Stop Corruption, Not Kill Plunderers

When asked if the removal of plunder from the list of crimes contradicts his anti-corruption campaign, the president clarifies that he only vows to stop corruption — and not to kill plunderers. He added that he plans to fire out more people he couldn’t trust. At the moment, he’s figuring out how to do it. PDu30 admits that he asks his longtime friend Peter Laviña to resign as the National Irrigation Authority chief amidst allegations of extortion.

Readd Rap to Death Penalty or None at All

The people through social media are unanimous in calling for no death penalty if there’s no rape in the list of crimes punishable by death sentence. Will the president accept the explanation of congress that there is a great deal of delay if they have to go back from the beginning – just to re-add rape on the death penalty bill?

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The People or Drug War?

If congress does not listen to the people’s cry, it looks as if they are not doing their job. They only do things that would please their alliance. On that note, they also fail because the president is also not pleased with their action. It is a matter of “wait and see” for now on what the congress would do next. The people’s wish or drug war?

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