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Presidential Debate: Clinton shows Trump how her Stamina is fit for the Presidency

Presidential Debate

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Trump tries to slam Clinton so hard but every time he does, she shines. Perhaps mentioning her staying off the campaign trail due to no big deal sickness is a mistake. Clinton’s response shows that she knows the country’s problems even with eyes closed.

Prepares for the Presidency

“I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate,” she said. “And yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be President. And that is a good thing.”
The line drew a round of applause from an audience that had been instructed to remain quiet.

[VIDEO]: Hillary Clinton knows the job and how to deal with it.

Trump: Hillary does not have the look to be president

Trump diverts his comment to stamina instead of look. It did not matter to Hillary. She has all the brilliant answers that put Trump down. The kind of person who obviously, knows what she’s doing.

Trump: Stamina for Travels

Trump insisted on stamina instead of looks. To be president of this country one needs tremendous stamina; he says. Stamina for negotiating with Japan, Saudi Arabi. With all the money they paid to defend them, stamina is essential.  He believes that Hillary Clinton just does not have the stamina to do those.

Hillary: did not mind stamina instead of looks

As soon as Trump starts to travel to 112 countries, negotiate peace deals, cease-fires or even dissidents. Opening new opportunities or testifying for 11 hours – he can talk to me about stamina!


Credit to Hillary Clinton as the very first woman nominated as  their candidate for president by a major party. She is smart and experienced. Definitely not a bad egg!


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