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Presidential immunity and age cannot make Duterte liable for killings in Prison

Duterte in Capiz

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech at Camp Peralta in Capiz early in the afternoon and at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Central Command in Cebu City later that night, he repeated his guarantee that he would totally back his men up with weaponry, healthcare and free from the prison cell if they happened to be involved in complaints by following the orders of the president.

The President does not want the military at a disadvantage on the battlefield and he will refrain from sending them to battle fields that would lead to a considerable loss to our human resources. Aside from a new hospital, complete with amenities “like a hotel,” beautiful women in shorts will also be serving them.

The injured can improve their English speaking skills through training that can qualify them as call center agents.

Their children’s education will be provided free schooling from kindergarten to high school. Deserving students, college scholarships can be availed.

He promised his men; “I will see to it that nobody goes to prison just exactly for doing your duty. If a mistake is committed, he will pardon them since the President can grant pardon — absolute or conditional.”

Mos of all, he is certain that he also would not end up in jail, since he had immunity as President — aside from the fact that he was already 71 years old. The Revised Penal Code stated that once a person reaches the age of 70, he or she should be freed from prison; explained Duterte.


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