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Presidential Intervention Urged as Supreme Court Resets Marcos-Robredo Prelim

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Most Filipinos cannot believe that under the administration of a very principled leader, the Liberal Party power is still evident in the judiciary as displayed by the Supreme Court. This has even triggered Du30’s supporters to file a complaint against the Comelec. Pro-Marcos loyalists also call for justice in Bongbong Marcos’ plight.

Youtube video by; Eagle News
[VIDEO]: Prelim conference sa poll protest ni dating senador Marcos, ipinagliban ng Korte Suprema

Postponed Prelim

The preliminary conference, initially for June 21, is now reset to July 11, SC spokesperson Theodore Te confirmed. The Supreme Court that also sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), eventually has to postpone in response to the resolutions submitted by Comelec and Robredo.

Marcos is Dismayed

Marcos’ lawyer, Vic Rodriguez said they understand the “urgency to set the oral arguments on martial law declaration in Mindanao” but they do not see the need “to further delay an equally important case that likewise involves public interest.” This is disappointing not just to Marcos but also to the people who have waited too long for their votes to be counted at last.

Robredo’s Premature Victory

It might be a temporary relief for Robredo now that she is allowed to buy time by the Supreme Court. However, the outpouring public sentiments just put her in a very bad light. The obvious delays can’t be covered up anymore. That just adds up to her already worsening reputation as the most hated Vice President of the Philippines.

No Prejudice?

The denial of the Supreme Court that their decision is no prejudice to anyone involved is not just convincing enough. Most people are certain that Marcos won the Vice Presidential election. Liberal Party’s hope is to bring Supreme Court to rule as soon as Robredo’s 6-year term is over. It is likely the case if the President does not intervene in the already very biased behavior of SC.

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  1. can Te just resign if he can’t do it?

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