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The President’s Courtesy Greeting at PMA is Enough for a Marcos-Slanderer VP Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo can never have enough in her slander of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos reign and administration attacks. She is just lucky that the President is gentleman enough to give her a courtesy greeting during the graduation of the Philippine Military Academy. PDu30 is the guest of honor and speaker at the rites, where he awards the presidential saber to 23-year old Cadet First Class Rovi Mairel Valino who topped 167 mistahs of the “Salaknib” Class of 2017. Robredo awards the vice presidential saber to Cadet First Class Philip Viscaya.

Youtube video by;  Rappler
[VIDEO]: On the eve of the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, Vice President Leni Robredo challenged the President  to use his leadership to “wage the war that truly matters.”

Telling the President What to Do

In her EDSA revival speech at the University of the Philippines, she calls on the president to do the things that she thinks matter more than the alleged bloody drug war. Alleviating poverty is the highlight of her plea to the president. She cites means to do it like additional jobs, better infrastructures, and reliable public services but she forgot that she is the Vice President – and her office has the capability to aid the executive office to do the things she suggested.

Binay’s VP Office Helped Ease Poverty

Ex-VP Jejomar Binay’s situation with ex-Pnoy is not so different from her strained relationship with PDu30. Binay never interferes with the former president’s campaigns. He concentrates in helping the poor and OFWs instead. Medical assistance, educational opportunities, skills training, women and children protection are channeled through LGUs around the country that he worked with ever since he is mayor of Makati. On top of that, he is the housing czar and the adviser for OFW affairs.

What is Robredo doing to Help the President?

Robredo is often in the news touring around towns and overseas giving speeches against the Marcoses and the administration. Her goal is obvious. This is to discredit Bongbong Marcos to get supporters in case the electoral protest against her is set in motion through a preliminary conference. In her UP speech, she accuses the Marcos family of stealing from the people, military abuses, media control, and many more based only on the White Paper that a UP professor wrote while she is still in college.

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Aspiring President?

At the rate it is going, Vice President Leni Robredo is indeed working hard to advance her career as future president of the Philippines. In fact, she is already acting as one by telling the president what to do. Unfortunately for her, she can’t actually be a leader if she does not know how to follow first.

6 thoughts on “The President’s Courtesy Greeting at PMA is Enough for a Marcos-Slanderer VP Robredo

  1. Boba ka talaga Robredo ka nandaya kaya naging VP ulol

    1. sino sa inyong dalawa ang mas ulol, lol

  2. mangarap ka at magising sa katotohanan….

  3. she is too shallow and has a lot of baggage

  4. This fake VP Leni Robredo is IDIOTCRY to the filipino people. The truth is, before Marcos became President in 1965, the country has no long conrete roads, no concrete bridge, no hydro electric power, no irrigation system, low literacy rate, many jobless, huk balahaf all over and our country’s economy is way behind. When Marcos became President, all of these necessity for our people mentioned were realized and became 2nd to Japan as the most progressive country in asia. This is the truth and this lady fake VP is doing lies great disservice to our country and the peace loving people. She spawn the seeds of hate, forever hate and divisiveness that the Aquinos continuously portray so that they will forever hold power and own the Philippines. That is a fact, na ayaw na nilang umalis sa kapangyarihan at ang gusto ay ang mga kapanalig lamang sa politika ang nais nasa malacanang. YAN ANG MALAKING KATOTOHANAN. MGA GAHAMAN SA KAPANGYARIHAN AT KAYAMANAN NG BAYAN…

  5. In the first place Lenie Robredo did not have any political ambition.
    If the scandal around his late husband erupted during her campaign, she wouldn’thave been a winner.
    It is clear that from the start those who dragged her into the political ring had her on a string to play around . The hands that held the puppet strings are now playing a scene that make her look like a heroine out to oust PD30 using the extrajudicial cases as her climactic prop to look good but condemned anyway by the audience watching the puppet show as a character lacking in backbone and grit , easily duped by the scheming puppeteers.
    Lenie Robredo is basically a woman for the home not in the arena where a constant
    fare of throat-cutting is a perrenial event till the next
    Now , Robredo’s widow is in a bind quite tight to let
    loose from.

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