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Prevent Rusty Water Tank

By: Elena Grace Flores

Water Tank
Water Tank (Photo credit: Studiomill)

Annoyed with smelly, blurry and brownish water early in the morning? Just do proper maintenance by checking, searching for  a qualified plumber and hiring one. You can save not just your water tank but also your water heater if you live in cold countries. Read this and follow the guidelines below to prevent  a rusty water tank:

How to Prevent Hot Water Tank Rust


If you run your hot water and it comes out discoloured with a brown or reddish tinge, chances are that your hot water tank or water heater has rusted and corroded on the inside. Besides being unsightly it can also have an unpleasant smell and should be repaired as soon as possible. Hot water tanks not only heat water but store it for later use, so the tanks internal components are constantly exposed to water.

Rusty water tanks can be difficult to repair if proper maintenance is not done. Worst case scenario, you have to get a new one. So, preventing it from corrosion can save you a lot of money and unpleasant water-related experiences. Do it now if you have not done it yet because it’s just a matter of time for all water tanks.

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