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Prevent Stress by Changing the Way You React to Circumstances


By: Gynn Flores


StressStress is the number one cause of diseases nowadays. Many dreaded diseases are acquired because of this. It comes as a surprise that even if there is no trace of such disease in your family, one can be afflicted with it. Our bodies have the ability to cope with stress but there are limitations. You also need to help your natural defenses to fight it.

Identify the causes of stress. Do not just ignore and never be contented to live with it. These are some common causes:

  • Work related problems
  • Family issues and misunderstandings
  • Conflicts
  • Pressures
  • Financial difficulties
  • Sickness
  • Nervousness and fear
  • Failed or unhealthy relationships
  • Alcoholism

Develop a positive attitude in dealing with the many causes of stress. The following will be helpful:

  • Maintain an open communication with the people around you. Sometimes, problems are easily solved when you talk about them. There is no point keeping things to yourself and suffer unnecessarily.
  • Seek for the advice and opinions of elders and resource persons. They may have already encountered the same situation in the past and learning from them may solve the problem easily. Prolonging the agony can be avoided.
  • Live within your means. Splurging when you really cannot afford it can only make you incur debts which can lead to financial difficulties. When you are heavily indebted, you definitely have a stressful life. Live simply and avoid unnecessary expenses. As much as possible, save for the rainy days. Look for other options to earn if what you do now cannot substantially provide for your needs.

  • Know how to unwind and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Accumulating wealth is good but being greedy is another thing. Give yourself a break sometimes. Having coffee and lovely conversation with friends and loved ones is highly recommended.
  • Have a holiday if you can afford it. A different atmosphere can make you explore and relax your senses. If not, then just give yourself a free day and do things you love doing like a hobby or just watch your favorite TV show or a nice movie.
  • Know how to delegate. Doing everything all by yourself and not having enough time for all the tasks can deteriorate the quality of your work.
  • Exercise and eat healthy.  Nothing beats a sound mind and a healthy body.  It keeps you away from any diseases and makes you feel good. Take supplements as recommended by your doctor.

Being stress free can improve the quality of your life thus making yourself healthy in the process. Yes, working hard is mandatory in these trying times but you also need to enjoy and give yourself a break once in a while. Do not let the tolls of everyday life affect your relationship with your partner. If it affects your capacity to do things, seek help and know new ways modern science has to offer. It pays to be knowledgeable on what can be done to get rid of negative conditions.

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