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Priceless Videos that Serve as Proofs of the Marcoses’ Efforts for Peace in Mindanao


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: Old videos of the Marcoses dealing with issues in Mindanao

Priceless Videos of the Marcoses

The previous Marcos administration never stopped forging agreements with the insurgent groups in Mindanao for the sake of the peace-loving Muslims in the area. They are Filipinos too and we have one blood, the late President Ferdinand Marcos said. This is priceless because he’s not the tyrant that most propaganda highlighted.

Unity with Muslim Brothers

The Muslims in Mindanao have full respect for the Marcoses because of the late president’s efforts in giving them peace.¬† He went as far as Libya to do negotiations despite differences of opinion with the famous Col. Muamar Khadafy as an example.¬† Nur Misuari was also one of the popular names mentioned in the priceless videos.

Industries for Mindanao

The older Marcos arranged a plebiscite for the Mindanao voters to choose their own leaders. Misunderstandings happened with some of the leaders. But one thing is certain. That Mindanao was set to have industries in every district with the efforts of former first lady Imelda Marcos. May this continue in the present Marcos administration.

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