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Princess Cake Making Video

By: Elena Grace Flores
I’m always fascinated with Princess cakes ever since I organize events for my previous job as hotelier. However, I never get into the “nitty-gritty” and just order party stuff from experts. Nevertheless, I was just recently tasked to organize my grand daughter’s birthday princess and I was so excited that she wanted a Princess Party as the motif. So, I checked the details of making a Princess cake and was satisfied with this video:

PRINCESS CAKE How to make princess birthday cake how to cook that reardon


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We thought that we just have to buy a whole cake, dig a hole in the middle and stick the Princess doll there. Little did I know that to really make a very attractive one, it has to be at least 3 layers of cakes carved into the Princess doll’s skirt – and even the top is also edible. I’m just glad that my niece volunteered to bake and my sister will provide the extravagant cake stand and will sponsor the costs. At least, they make my job easier!

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