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Princess Kitty’s Happy Land Adventure Script



By: Geraldine G. Flores (Ms. “G”) 

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Princess Kitty Happy Land Adventure script is a Hello Kitty theme song -inspired kid’s play – that can be a good material for children’s dramatics club shows or for fun activities at home, in the community and school. This is our contribution to your talent development tasks for the young ones:

Scene I “The Dream”
Setting: Kitty cleaning the house.

Kitty: Everything is clean now but I’m so tired. I’ll better rest first.
(While Kitty is sleeping, fairies appear dancing and chanting)
Fairies(last line) Happiness Land! Princess Kitty’s Happiness Land!!!
Kitty: Happiness land? My “Happiness Land”? Am I dreaming?
Fairy 1: No! Princess Kitty, it’s true, you belong to happiness land.
Kitty: I’m Princess Kitty? Who are you?
Fairies: We’re the fairies of “Happiness Land”.
Fairy 2: Prince Adonis is also here to give you a present.
Palace Leader: Hear ye! Hear ye! The Prince of “Happiness Land” is coming!
Prince Adonis: Hello, Princess Kitty, here’s our present for you. We all want to see you in “Happiness Land.”
Kitty: Thank you Prince Adonis, I am so happy!
Prince Adonis: You are welcome! See you again in “Happiness Land”.
Kitty: (looks up first then repeated what she hears…) “Happiness Land!”

(Close Curtain)

Scene II “The Arrest”
Setting: Outside the house, friends are playing before Kitty then she approached them.

Kitty: Hello friends.
Friends: Hello, Kitty.
Kitty: The prince gave me this present.
Friend 1: It’s so beautiful!
Kitty: He will take me to “Happiness Land”! He says I’m a princess!
Friend 2: Really? You are so lucky!
Friend 3: Because you are a good girl.
Kitty: Thank you.

(Group Enters)

Bad Boy 1: That’s Kitty! (Pointing to Kitty)
Bad Boy 2: She stole that beautiful flower!
Guard 1: People say you are naughty! We arrest you now!
Friend 1: No! She’s not naughty; the prince gave her the flower.
Kitty: Help! Help me! (Friends trying to help but being pushed back)
Guard 2: Stay away! I said, stay away!
(Friends are crying now while the two bad boys are laughing wildly)
Prince Adonis: What’s going on here?
Friends: They arrest the princess!
Prince Adonis: Don’t worry, we’ll save her.

(Close Curtain)

Scene III “The Rescue”
Setting: In the woods. (Note: This scene will be outside the curtain for the stage preparation on the backdrop and props of “Happiness Land.”

Palace Leader: This way, I think it’s this way.
Prince Adonis: Look there! (They approached the toy drummer boy)
Palace Guard: There’s the key on his arm!
Prince Adonis: I think this is the key to the prison cell.
Drummer Boy: You’re right! Turn me on. Turn me on to get the key!
Prince Adonis: Is he the one talking? (The others nod their heads)
Drummer Boy: Touch my nose! Touch my nose.
(The drummer boy beats the drum, the key fall down upon touching his nose but he stepped on it and said: Dance with me first!!! (Then the funny dance follows). Note: At this point, the toy drummer boy becomes a real boy again.
Voice over of Princess Kitty: Help! Help me please!
Friends: That’s Princess Kitty!!!
Prince Adonis: Don’t worry; we can set you free now! The key?
(Drummer boy gives the key now and marched with them)
Prince Adonis: Let’ go! Let’s save the princess!
All say: Yes! Save the Princess! (six times) ————–(marching out)
Note: Upon their exit, curtain opens for Scene IV with the palace on the background. (A picture of a beautiful place with happy characters)

Scene IV “Happiness Land”

Palace Leader: Hear ye! Hear ye! The prince is coming with Princess Kitty and friends. (Everyone stopped what they are doing and cheered, clapped hands.)
Kitty: Thank you dear prince and friends for saving me.
(Palace Leader guides them to join the group)
King: Welcome to “Happiness Land”, princess Kitty.
Kitty: Thank you dear King.
King: Say hello to Princess Kitty now.
All: Hello! Princess Kitty.
Kitty: Hello, everyone!
Queen: We prepared lots of yummy food for you, Princess Kitty.
Kitty: Thank you so much, my dear Queen.
Minnie: My dearest sister, I miss you. Welcome home.
Kitty: I miss you too. (They embrace each other)
(The queen joins them, and then the king pats the queen’s shoulder and said:
King: This calls for a celebration!
Queen: Let’s dance for joy!
(All casts will dance and sing the Hello Kitty theme song then after that -)
Kitty: We’re so glad to see you all. Thank you for joining us on our fantastic adventure! (Everyone joins Kitty)
All: We love you all… “mwaah”! Ba-bye!

Responsible adults should expose children to worthwhile activities when they are still at a tender age. This will guide them in choosing their career path later on when they are adults. Plays can enhance the memorization, acting and public relation skills of children, so initiate this into their lives when you’ve got the chance.



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