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Pro-Admin Senators to the Opposition: Police Brutality? Bring Back the Death Penalty!

death penalty

By: Elena Grace Flores
by UNTV News and Rescue

Pro-administratuin supporters push the revival of death penalty.

Pro-admin Senators’ Response to the Opposition

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa pushes his intial death penalty bill. Manny Pacquiao follows suit. Senator Imee Marcos also said that this time, there are big changes in society. Together with the rise of technology, syndicates are also getting bigger. This is very timely for the double murder case by a policeman in Paniqui, Tarlac recently. The opposition calls it police brutality to blame the President. So the pro-admin senators challenges them to bring back the death sentence

More Senators are Now in Favor of the Death Penalty

Senators Tito Sotto and Ping Lacson are positive with the proposal. They said that the data shows that crime rates decline in the city streets. The only thing that it lacks is the death penalty. This scares heinous criminals in authority and mafias. Pacquiao even blasts Senator Risa Hontiveros that her party is just jealous of the president to blame him for any misfortune that the country faces. In fact, the opposition does not help during the pandemic. They just want to distabilize the government, he insinuated. So, the debate continues.

Why are the Dilawans Afraid of Death Penalty

Judging from the defenses of the opposition better known as the Dilawans, they are really afraid of the death penalty. It is understandable in the past when there were cases of terminating innocent people. However, in today’s world, with the DNA examination, digital evidence, and real time social media, any misjudgement can easily be challenged with public opinion.

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