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Pro-Du30 & Marcos Senatorial Bets are Vying for the Magic 12

By: Elena Grace Flores

HNP or Hugpong ng Pagbabago endorses its own slate of senatorial candidates for the May 13 elections. Eight of them are in the list of likely winners, even according to Pulse Asia’s March survey. It gets most of its popularity from Inday Sara. She is the founder of the party along with other Davao regional leaders. One thing is certain that the group never has an anti-Marcos bet. This marks the end of former President Noynoy Aquino’s influence.

YouTube video byABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Hindi pa ganap na nasisiyahan si Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio sa resulta ng pinakabagong Pulse Asia survey.

Mayor Sara Endorses Gov. Imee Marcos for Senator

The selection of many politicians for HNP is largely dependent to the Presidential daughter. This is one reason why some HNP members are thinking of making the party a national one, instead of just regional. The opposition also thinks that Sara’s endorsement of senatorial bets, through HNP, is her way of testing the waters for a presidential candidacy in 2022. However, it is evident that she mainly endorses Imee Marcos, the sister of Bongbong Marcos whom her father wants to be President after him.

Sara Jokes to Run as Vice President

It might sound like a joke to many but the mayor’s humor on running as Vice President in 2022 actually makes sense. If her family supports the namesake of the late President, Ferdinand Marcos as President Rodrigo Du30’s successor, then she can very well be his VP.

The 8 Likely Winners from HNP

Re-electionist Cynthia Villar, and Pia Cayetano plus new-comer Imee Marcos are always in the top 12 according to poll surveys. Bong Go, and Bato are also strong contenders as endorsed by the President himself. Sonny Angara, JV Ejercito, and Bong Revilla might follow suit.

Other Candidates who can Help the Marcos-Du30 Idealism

Atty. Glenn Chong who is fighting bravely for clean election as backed by another senatorial candidate, IT expert, Toti Casino. They are doing well in the initial absentee voting among the overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and the Middle East. They campaign hand in hand with Gov. Marcos. Another quiet supporter of the tandem whom the Marcoses are grateful of is Senator Nancy Binay contrary to the belief of others. Her election resolution allows the Senate Hearing on the poll fraud in 2016 that benefits Marcos’ electoral protest.

The Marcos-Du30 Tandem can Happen in 2022

Tolentino, Manicad, and Mangundadatu may not be as popular as the other bets but they share the same principles as the Marcos-Du30 tandem. Mayor Sara said that she might decide in 2021 to run for national elections. Actions speak louder than words they say. Therefore, the Marcos-Du30 slate may emerge while the Aquino influence is fading.

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