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Pro-Life Christians are for Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This is a golden treasure from heaven that is worth sharing from Vice President Jejomar Binay:

“I am humbled and deeply grateful to brother Mike Velarde for the opportunity to address the members of El Shaddai.
My sincerest gratitude as well to the various Pro-Life organizations and catholic lay groups for reciprocating my espousal of christian values with their full support in the coming election.

On may 9 the Filipino people are challenged to choose between two directions that are morally and spiritually contradictory. Our choice could define the direction our nation will take in the next six years, and dictate the future of our grandchildren, our children, and the next generation of Filipinos.

I speak of a serious challenge to our deeply held christian values. I speak of a choice between good and evil. I speak of a choice between those who advocate life and those who promote death.

I only pray that the holy spirit will once again move our people to the path of the just and the righteous. That the lord will guide our people towards the path of good, towards a road that leads us to greater, stronger respect for the sanctity of life – and thus, for leaders who are committed to breaking the cycle of violence prevalent in our nation.

As Christians, we believe that human life has a transcendent value in the eyes of god. The bible counsels us to view the body as the temple of god and Christ-like behavior leaves no room for violence. Violence only begets violence.

That is why I stand firm in my belief that violence as a platform of governance oppresses the poor, the dispossessed, and the powerless.

What we need is compassion and a genuine dedication to put an end to poverty. And we do not end poverty by killing the poor. We end poverty by giving them jobs, food, shelter and dignity.
What we need is greater respect for the dignity of women. A candidate disparages women with public statements that demean and ridicule them, reducing the horror of rape and violence into crude jokes. Such a candidate mocks our christian and Filipino values.

I have dedicated my life to fighting for the poor: as a human rights lawyer during martial law, as mayor of Makati and as your vice president.

My presidency will be one that respects and upholds the dignity of women, children and the marginalized. My presidency will promote respect for human rights and the value of life.
It is my fervent prayer that on may 9, the Filipino people will share my conviction and my belief in the sanctity of life and compassion for the poor. Not charity for the poor, but fulfilling our social and moral obligations to restore and strengthen their dignity and their belief in our Savior.”

The good will always prevail against evil and people with wisdom know how to discern which one is which!

Source: Jojo Binay’s Note

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