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Proper Boarding House Operation

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: : Boarding House
English: : Boarding House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fighting with boarders or conflicts between boarders can occur if there are no proper house rules in place. Although changes are needed as time goes by, there are rules that cannot get outdated. This article is classic and the tips on house rules can be applied in different cultures. Contracts, entries and end of tenancy are also discussed comprehensively here to safeguard your investment. Have a look to see what I mean:

Boarding house tenancy rules


The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2010 also covers boarding houses.

A boarding house is a residential premises that contains one or more boarding rooms, with facilities for communal use by the tenants and is occupied, or intended to be occupied by at least six tenants at any one time.

A boarding house tenancy is a residential tenancy in a boarding house that is intended to, or that does in fact, last 28 days or more.

Boarding houses are not just some kind of business to operate. This is where young people are spending most years of their lives while finishing college, job training or working for their initial careers. It must be pleasant, clean, safe and a healthy place to be –  to compliment to the welfare of these promising boarders like family. If you own one, organize the system well and enjoy the fulfillment in life when you hear from your successful ex-boarders in the future – plus the return of your investment and profit.

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