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Pros and Cons of Video Conference Call

By: Elena Grace Flores

President George W. Bush, White House Chief of...
President George W. Bush, White House Chief of Staff Andy Card (left) and Admiral Richard Mies conduct a video tele-conference at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, Sept. 11, 2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A conference call can be an advantage or disadvantage for a company if the mechanics are not addressed properly. Inspirational speakers like the Oshea couple are pretty successful in expanding their market base – just by posting their sample videos online. Their funny nature is engaging enough for viewers and trigger them to make contact. You can clearly see here in their website how they embrace video marketing – but still retained the normal procedure for their events. View this site:

Funny Motivational Speakers

Voted among the “Top 5 Entertainment Keynote Speakers” by Speakers Platform for 4 years in a row and profiled with the “Top 25 Hot Speakers” by the National Speakers Association, Tim and Kris O’Shea expertly blend business with motivational humor.

Promotional videos are definitely a hit but think twice about depending on video conference calls when running your company. This is obviously helpful when organising a meeting for attendees who come from different places – but it can’t be as good as meeting all in person. Just know the limitations and design these events according to its purpose. Here’s another link that highlights the constructive criticisms of a video conference call.

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