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Provoking China War Debate is Dividing the Nation

China War

By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

Carpio Accepted Duterte’s Debate Challenge

Arbitral Ruling Only Paper, Might Provoke China War

Former Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio is a big liar. He proudly accepts President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s debate challenge on the South China Sea dispute. However, he might act as a crusader against the Chinese superpower. But he also serves the interests of the US. As it announces its campaign to hinder the rise of China. No patriotism at all for the country. So, this brings logical Filipinos to think about the President’s intention. This is not to provoke the China war. Carpio uses the Arbitral ruling which no court can implement. America can only retaliate if China attacks the Philippines. They are not in a position to provide safety to the Filipinos. A war must ignite first that can lead to world war.

Resignation Dare

Carpio’s resignation call to the president says it all. His only priority is to unseat the people’s president. His political party never stops discrediting the Filipino leader. Unsuspecting Filipinos can immediately believe their cover-ups. The arbitral ruling propaganda does not come with reality on the ground. No recognition whatsoever. Besides, the country has no military force to let China bow down. If the Pnoy administration was so good at scaring China off, why are there Chinese vessels in the country’s territory? No mention at all of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’s military tactics that the Aquino regime did not continue. That surely made the bully behave.

Hiding President Marcos’s Efforts in Carpio’s Book

Carpio only devotes just one sentence to explain the very audacious move of Marcos that got Filipinos the properties in the South China Sea. He couldn’t even mention the word “Marcos” in one single sentence. Marcos’s operations from 1970 to take over all of the islands in the Spratlys are nowhere to be found. The late 1960s marked the peak of the Philippine Navy. It was the envy of the region. They had a Marine contingent, a naval construction battalion when they lay claim on seven islands in the South China Sea. Those forces disappear during the Liberal Party’s reign. Duterte took over rebuilding them. But Carpio’s lies slow him down.

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