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PRRD-BBM Supporters: Filipinos Call on VP Leni Robredo to Resign for Shaming the Nation over UN Message

Robredo Resign

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mocha Uson, a social media icon who is an avid supporter of the President calls for Vice President Leni Robredo to resign. The Robredo Resign movement is supported by the official 16 million supporters of PRRD and 13 million Bongbong Marcos loyalists or BBM. Respected media personalities both online and offline back this movement up to make the international community aware that Robredo is spreading misinformation over her “exchange heads” accusation to the public. Most Filipinos are disgusted with what the Vice President did – and cannot accept her shaming the whole nation. She must resign immediately!

Youtube video by; PRRD
[VIDEO]: Mocha Uson calls to protect President Du30 against #LeniPowerGrabber

Rigoberto D. Tiglao, Manila Times

Robredo shames the nation by portraying the Philippines as a failed state like Somalia, Eritrea or Liberia where the rule of law has totally broken down, and where the streets are littered with the corpses of the innocent killed by the police. She shames herself as she makes allegations against her own government, based on patently false data.

Erwin Tulfo, Punto Asintado

On his radio commentary, Tulfo asks Vice President Leni Robredo where she gets her information from. Why is the “Palit-Ulo” or “Exchange Heads” practice where a family member of a listed drug offender is taken by authorities as a substitute if the criminal is not found not known to other people and not picked up by any media if it is true?

PTV News Break

PTV News Break airs the Philippine National Police’s grievance on why the Vice President immediately resorts to the UN instead of working with the authorities? After all, she’s still the Vice President of the government. Robredo’s spokesperson insists that the PNP ignored her plea. However, there are no records found that support Robredo’s claims.


Robredo Resign: Join in through Twitter @mochauson

Anyone who wishes to join the Robredo Resign movement can get updates through this Twitter link: The Vice President must be liable for the serious constitutional offense allegedly committed. She must be investigated for economic sabotage and betrayal of public trust.

6 thoughts on “PRRD-BBM Supporters: Filipinos Call on VP Leni Robredo to Resign for Shaming the Nation over UN Message

  1. While waiting for the recount…magkaisa para malaman ayaw sa kanya at magresign…punuin natin edsa from dulo ng balintawak to airport..21 million sabi Ni tulfo…kasya kaya?

  2. Leni maawa ka mag bitiw kna resign kna subra subra na ang pagbababoy u sa mamayan please maligaya kmi kay tatay digong tapos na ung dati ung adminiyration pinabagsak u ang kawawang bansa d kyu na aawav so please pra sa pagbabago c tatay digong

  3. O suggest that it should be nationwide because we her in Davao are very much willing to participate the call.

  4. Yes I support #lenihungrypowergrabber

  5. Wala ka naman magawang tulong sa administration na ito, mag resign ka na…Di ka naman ang totoong nanalong VP, wag ka makigulo sa Bansa!

  6. Gaga ka leni pti magandang pangalan ng asawa mo binhiran mo ng kawalangyaan. Hngang ngyon dika magising gingamit ka lng nila pra mkblik ang dti nila pagssamantala sa bayan. Wala ng ng naniniwala sa inyo sa pinas kya pati un humingi kyo ng tulong para ibagsak ang tunay na nagmmalasakit sa bayan,,

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