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PRRD’s Crazy Drug Czar Offer Triggers Insurance Talks for Mental Illness


By: Elena Grace Flores
Crazy talks are common these days from media commentaries. This is after the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo critizes the President for leading a failed drug war. PRRD then offers her the drug czar post if she thinks she is that brilliant. Meanwhile in Cebu during the 888 News Forum at the Marco Polo Hotel, panelists and media representatives initiate talks about mental illness that triggers suicide among teens in the province. Many people put the blame on the president for creating a lunatic culture since he’s bipolar but the group are into very informative discussions that can save lives including insurance coverage for mental illnes.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Arnel Pahang, an insurance expert explains the insurance coverage for mental illness in the Philippines.

Mental Illness Spares No One

Everybody is prone to mental illness according to Dr. Rene Obra, a well-respected psychiatrist in Cebu. One can experience anxiety and depression because we are all humans, he added. Therefore, uncomfortable symptoms must not be ignored. Irregularities in the sleeping, eating, and physical habits are symptoms enough for a certain mental illness. It just depends on the degree of the disorder.

Beating the Stigma

Sad experiences are not reasons enough to commit suicide. They are mere triggers. Depression can lead to suicidal tendencies. The feeling of unworthiness is often caused by lack of nutrients and hormonal imbalance. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every morning in an empty stomach can help regulate blood circulation. Thus, helping in getting rid of discomforts internally.

Insurance Coverage for Mental Illness

Arnel Pahang, an insurance expert explains the insurance coverage for mental illness in the Philippines. He said that suicides are actually covered when it happens at least after 12 months of the reinforcement of the policy. This is in the case of life insurance. Although he warns not to encourage suicides but should it happen, it is best to have insurance for more than a year.

Limited Social Insurance Scheme

The new social insurance scheme covers mental disorders but is limited to acute inpatient care. Psychotropic medications are available in mental health facilities. A Commission on Human Rights of The Philippines exists, however, human rights were reviewed only in some facilities and only a small percentage of mental health workers received training related to human rights. These measures need to be extended to all facilities.

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