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Puppy in Lieu of an Engagement Ring?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Puppy! (Photo credit: pretendtious)

Dog lovers will be thrilled to get engaged with another dog lover – using of course a puppy that symbolizes their love bind! Others would say that this is a stupid idea because a puppy is not a gift. It has to be nurtured – but so as love and relationships, right? Before getting into arguments, find out the 13 reasons why an engagement puppy is better than an engagement ring:

13 Reasons an Engagement Puppy Is Better Than an Engagement Ring

By:  Rachel W. Miller

We recently shared the top trends we’re hoping to see this engagement season; one of those was unique engagement gifts that aren’t necessarily rings. Like, say, an engagement puppy. Then I received the best picture and story from a friend of mine.

Taking care of a puppy together is actually a good test if the marriage will survive. You can never fake it with a pet. It can smell your intentions and affection. Getting an engagement pet if you’re not sure if your partner can tolerate your love for the animal is actually a good idea. Just make sure that if the pet will be tossed out together with you – that you will take the responsibility in taking care of it alone!

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